Cargo truck 'limos' whisk away blushing bride

By Phan Duong   July 17, 2016 | 09:12 pm PT
Cargo truck 'limos' whisk away blushing bride
The 26-year-old truck driver made a surprising entrance to his bride’s house.

A groom in the northern province of Cao Bang decided to make his wedding unforgettable by using two cargo trucks as wedding cars.


They were decorated with the "Double Happiness" characters that are commonly used in wedding ceremonies in Vietnam, and flowers and balloons.


"Big boys" for the big day.


Toan, the groom, kept the idea a secret from his fiancée until their big day.


“On the morning of the wedding, my whole family and I were very surprised to see the groom's procession arriving on two big cargo trucks,” said Quynh (C), the bride, who works as an elementary school teacher in Cao Bang City.


The couple have been together for eight years but are separated for long periods due to the nature of Toan’s job. Toan said he wanted the trucks he has worked on for years to "attend" the wedding to show his wife he is a dedicated worker.


“To me, I’m happy with whatever kind of car he has for the wedding day, whether it’s a cyclo or a truck. His genuine love is what matters to me, not the glitz or glamour from the outside,” Quynh said, adding that her husband is a very caring and attentive man.

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