Vietnamese newborn photo makes it to Reuters’ honors list of the year

By Kieu Anh   December 24, 2020 | 05:00 pm PT
Reuters has named a photo of 13-day-old infant Phuc An wearing a protective shield as he awaits vaccination as one of its top images of 2020.

The news agency’s ‘Picture of the Year’ collection includes several categories such as natural disasters, environment, protests, life under coronavirus lockdown, animals, landscapes, and others. Phuc An’s photo has been included in the ‘life under coronavirus lockdown’ category.

Phuc An in protective shield. Photo courtesy of Kham.

Phuc An in protective shield. Photo by Reuters/ Kham.

The caption had said: "Newborn baby Phuc An, wearing a protective face shield before leaving home for his vaccination, in Hanoi, Vietnam April 13, 2020. Phuc An was born at Vinmec hospital in Hanoi on April 1, when the Southeast Asian country started strict restrictions on movement."

On April 1, the day he was born, the whole country began social distancing for 15 days after the infection tally crossed 200.

The collection has a total of 85 photos depicting people from many walks of life in various countries go about their daily activities, mostly with masks, protective shields, even a salad spinner bowl.

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