Vietnamese murder flick to release in Southeast Asia

By Mai Trang   October 13, 2019 | 09:05 pm PT
Vietnamese murder flick to release in Southeast Asia
A still from the movie "Kumanthong".
"Kumanthong", the Vietnamese movie involving a series of murders, will be released in Malaysia, Cambodia and three other Southeast Asian countries.

According to its producers, "That Son Tam Linh" (Kumanthong) will be screened in Malaysia on October 17and in Cambodia in December while negotiations are on to release it in Laos, Thailand and Singapore.

The film’s first show on October 8, fetched VND6.8 billion ($ 292,882), the highest in Vietnamese cinema history. There were 1,000 shows nationwide that evening.

"Kumanthong" revolves around a sudden upheaval in a countryside area when Huynh (played by Quang Tuan) shows up. Apparently a gentle doctor, he quickly gains the trust and affection of the locals. Things start to get mysterious when many women disappear after coming to him for treatment. 

Soi (played by Hoang Yen Chibi), who was sent by her father to assist Huynh, is the only person who knows the gruesome truth.

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