Snoop Dogg uses Vietnam V-pop prince’s lyrics to rap

By Dang Khoa   February 15, 2019 | 04:55 am PT
American rapper Snoop Dogg incorporated 'Chay Ngay Di' lyrics, one of many Son Tung M-TP's hit songs, while rap jamming.

The video of the informal rapping was uploaded by Instagram account @danrue a couple of days ago and has racked up more than 500,000 views.

The footage captures moments of the artist rapping, grooving, and having fun with his friends. Of interest for Vietnamese audiences is the rapper suddenly singing a small part of "Chay Ngay Di", or "Run Now."

Even though "Chay Ngay Di" is the only Vietnamese phrase in the short clip, Vietnamese fans are excited.

'Run Now' was the most watched music video on YouTube globally in the 24 hours after its release.

After 24 hours, "Run Now" attracted an impressive 22 million views, becoming Asia’s most viewed music video in a day on YouTube, dethroning the previous record set by famous K-pop boy group BTS, whose music video for their hit song "DNA" surpassed 20.9 million views.

"Run Now" is a hip-hop/trap influenced R&B song, composed by Son Tung himself. Tung is regarded as one of the top artists in Vietnam with numerous of hits under his belt, with a growing fanbase of domestic and international followers. 

Last December, a Snapchat post by Snoop Dogg showed him on set with the Son Tung M-TP, and it went viral among Vietnamese fans.

In one clip, Snoop Dogg says: "Live on the set with Son Tung, you understand me?" Tung says, "Exactly," before Snoop ends the video, saying: "It's going down."

Fans have high hopes for a future collaboration between the two talents, but there has been no official hint of it  happening from both celebrities.

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