Hanoi exhibition presents contemporary Korean lacquer artworks

By Ngoc Dinh   May 22, 2019 | 01:46 am PT
An exhibition of 47 lacquer paintings by 15 South Korean artists will open Thursday in Hanoi.
The painting Festival mother-of-pearl, ottchil on ottchil wood canvas, 2017

Festival, which uses mother-of-pearl, one of the paintings displayed at the Korean Ottchil Art 2019 exhibition in Hanoi. Photo courtesy of Korean Ottchil Art 2019 exhibition

The month-long event, titled Korean Ottchil Art 2019, is organized by Ottchil Art Museum in Tongyeong, South Korea and VICAS Art Studio in Hanoi.

47 ottchil (Korean lacquer) works in the exhibition feature modern materials and techniques, as well as mother-of-pearl inlays.

The exhibition aims to introduce this ancient traditional craft to Vietnamese viewers and pave the way for further art exchanges between Vietnam and South Korea, organizers said.  

They said the exhibition will also help viewers gain a deeper understanding of Korean lacquer art and insights into the way many generations of Korean artists make adjustments to the ancient lacquer art form to craft modern, contemporary artworks.

The painting Sophist, crafted in 2018 on wood canvas, will also be displayed. Photo courtesy of the exhibition 

The painting Sophist, created in 2018. Photo courtesy of Korean Ottchil Art 2019 exhibition

The Ottchil Art Museum in Tongyeong will also host a seminar to introduce and discuss the techniques of Korean ottchil art on Friday at  the VICAS Art Studio with the participation of South Korean and Vietnamese lacquer artists, researchers and art critics.

The Ottchil Art Museum in Tongyeong is a private museum specializing in Korean lacquer artworks. It has organized many exhibition events, workshops and seminars around the world.

The exhibition will remain open from May 23 to June 23 at the VICAS Art Studio, 32 Hao Nam Street, in Hanoi.

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