Eight new Vietnamese flicks to hit Netflix

By Dang Khoa   February 7, 2020 | 05:00 am PT
Eight new Vietnamese flicks to hit Netflix
A screen shot from "Taxi Em Ten Gi?". Photo acquired by VnExpress.
Streaming service provider Netflix said eight new Vietnamese films have been added to its content library, available to viewers starting this month.

The new additions - "Cho Em Den Ngay Mai" (Until You), "Am Muu Giay Got Nhon" (How To Fight On Six Inch Heels), "Gia Gan, My Nhan Va Gang To" (Masculine Old Man, Beauty And Gangsters), "Ngay Mai Mai Cuoi" (Get Married), "Ve Que An Tet" (Going Home For Tet), "Huong Ga" (Rise), "Taxi Em Ten Gi?" (Taxi, What’s Your Name?) and "Ban Chi Song Mot Lan" (YOLO) - are all high-profile comedies.

The streaming giant explained Thursday the subtitled romps would provide audiences much joy and laughter in time for spring.

Emotional "Cho Em Den Ngay Mai" offers an in-depth take on young love. "Gia Gan, My Nhan Va Gang To" depicts a husband’s journey to reconcile with his wife after abandoning his family in search of fortune.

Satirical "Ngay Mai Mai Cuoi" highlights the social stigma of single, middle-aged women in Vietnamese society.

"Ve Que An Tet" tells of those who wish to travel home to reunite with their families during Tet (Lunar New Year).

Hard-hitting and disorderly "Huong Ga" relates the story of a girl living near a Hai Phong City wet market.

Romantic "Am Muu Giay Got Nhon" revolves around a designer who, discovering her fiancé is having an affair with a model, infiltrates the fashion world to catch him in the act.

"Taxi Em Ten Gi?" depicts a scientist’s spectacular adventure from Saigon to Da Lat to propose to his sweetheart.

Trial and tribulations "Ban Chi Song Mot Lan" spotlights a talented singer’s struggle to become a superstar.

With these recent additions, Netflix now boasts a total 27 Vietnamese films covering romantic, comedy, action to horror and adventure genres.

Netflix launched its Vietnamese language website in October 2019.

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