Business Insider hails uplifting spirit of Vietnam's new Covid-19 song

By Long Nguyen   April 19, 2020 | 05:21 pm PT
Business Insider hails uplifting spirit of Vietnam's new Covid-19 song
A still from "Vietnam oi! Danh Bay Covid" music video. Photo courtesy of Minh Beta.
American news website Business Insider has praised a new Vietnamese song for lifting up people’s spirits to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minh Beta, the songwriter, rejected dismay and picked up the fight against the pandemic in the most positive way by cheering the nation with his upbeat song, it said.

The song "Vietnam oi! Danh Bay Covid" (Vietnam! Let's Fight Covid), has been endorsed by Vietnam’s Health Ministry.

The official music video of the song was released April 1 on YouTube and it went viral quickly thanks to its positive messages and the appearances of guest stars as superheroes in the battle against the novel coronavirus.

An English version of the song was also introduced several days ago.

"Let us stay at home because to stay at home is to love our country," Minh said, introducing the music video on his Facebook page. 

He chose the superheroes concept to appreciate the unsung heroes who have been tirelessly working in the frontlines of the pandemic and to call on heroic virtues in each individual to support the fight, Minh said.

Other Vietnamese artists have also won praise for using their talents to join the nation's Covid-19 fight, including those who have created posters to motivate the general public to participate in the battle against the deadly virus.

Last month, a Vietnamese public announcement on the Covid-19 in the form of a song was carried by famous comedy show "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" aired March 2. Cover versions of the song, translated into English, were later done by other artists. 

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