Golf performance at South Korea wedding goes viral

By Quoc Huy   April 6, 2024 | 04:00 pm PT
A wedding in South Korea went viral recently after the ring was passed to the groom using an iron golf club.

The golf scene in the wedding surfaced on Instagram on Friday via account @ziregolf. This performance begins with a man passing the ball with a long club from the start of the artificial grass runway to the middle. Another man receives the ball, puts it in his pocket and then takes out a wedding ring box. Then he placed the box on the mat, aimed quickly and then struck it. The wedding ring arrived at the groom's hands amid applause from the audience.

According to Golf Digest, the two men who performed at the wedding are competing in the South Korean professional men's golf tournament system KPGA Tour.

After watching the performance, opinions were divided. Some criticizing the safety of the audience or said that the party host was showing off too much. But many people praised it and said that was a unique idea that they might use for their wedding.

The South Korean golf industry is currently ranked among the top in the world by professional organizations. By 2022, the country had 5.35 million golf players and 844 golf courses, according to the latest report from global management agency Royal & Ancient. Reports from Yano Research and Golf Datatech in 2021 ranked the U.S. first, Japan second and South Korea third in the top three largest golf markets in the world.

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