Hai Phong fan attacks referee after V. League game

By Lam Thoa   July 20, 2022 | 03:52 am PT
Hai Phong fan attacks referee after V. League game
Referee Hoang Ngoc Ha (yellow shirt) during the V. League game between Hai Phong FC and Binh Dinh FC on July 19, 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Lam Thoa
A notorious Hai Phong FC fan insulted and spat on referee Hoang Ngoc Ha Tuesday after a V. League game against Binh Dinh FC.

"After the game, I was talking to the supervisor when I was suddenly squeezed on the back of my neck. I thought someone was joking and turned around. After insulting me, this person spat in my face. I was really surprised. This is clearly an unsportsmanlike and unacceptable behavior on the football field," Ha said.

Ha also questioned the security at Lach Tray Stadium, the home ground of Hai Phong FC. He wanted to know how a man not allowed to get on the field could do so and attack a referee.

"I was very upset, but because I was still on duty then, I had to restrain myself. This person used to work at Hai Phong FC. The last time I refereed here, he was still a member of Hai Phong. I think this was done by a Hai Phong FC staff, not a fan," Ha added.

A Hai Phong FC fan spits on the face of referee Hoang Ngoc Ha after a V. League game on July 19, 2022. Video by VnExpress

The man who attacked Ha was later identified as Tran Tien Dung, a famous fan of Hai Phong football nicknamed "flare tycoon." He had assaulted referee Vo Minh Tri earlier and received a suspended prison sentence in 2012.

Dung was not happy with Ha's calls during the match, especially in not giving his team a penalty in the 76th minute when the ball hit the hand of a Binh Dinh player. However, it was not intentional, so Ha's decision was correct.

"I made the right call and got attacked. Imagine if I gave the wrong call," Ha said.

Tuesday’s match between Hai Phong FC and Binh Dinh ended 3-1 in the former's favor.

Referee Ha has filed a report with V. League organizers and the Vietnam Football Federation.

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