Vietnamese actress, businessman husband explore Hong Kong cuisine

By Nguyen Chi   January 29, 2024 | 12:59 am PT
Actress Diem My and her husband Vinh Nguyen, a Vietnamese-Australian businessman, recently visited popular food stalls and a Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong.
Vợ chồng Diễm My ăn sập Hong Kong

My and her husband are on holiday in Hong Kong to celebrate their one-month wedding anniversary.
Born Vu Pham Diem My, the 33-year-old is a popular actress, known for "The Lady Assassin" (2013) and "Pearls of the Far East" (2011) while her husband runs a chain of restaurants.

Vợ chồng Diễm My ăn sập Hong Kong - 1

Their first dining location in Hong Kong is Yung Kee roast goose restaurant.
Established in 1942, it is an integral part of Hong Kong's culinary scene. Located in the heart of the Central District, the restaurant offers traditional Cantonese meals with recipes passed down on from generation to generation.

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The most famous dishes are roasted goose, char siu meat, roasted meat grilled over charcoal, marinated with traditional spices, and served with white rice.

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The couple also stopped by Dim Sum Square restaurant in the Sheung Wan area. Although it has only been open for a few years, it is very popular with tourists because of its quality and affordable prices.

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Visitors always must wait in line during peak hours. The restaurant serves dozens of traditional breakfast dishes such as shumai, dumplings, char siu cakes, and rice rolls.
My also ordered some signature dishes, including sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves and radish cake.

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My and her husband also visited Man Mo Dim Sum restaurant - a place serving dim sum dishes combining traditional Hong Kong cuisine with the elegance and sophistication of French cuisine.

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The restaurant run by French chef Nicolas Elalouf, opened in 2014, and was named after the nearby temple. The restaurant is in an ancient alley with antique shops, bringing a special atmosphere to diners.

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Dim sum dishes such as dumplings, shumai, and grilled cakes are hand-formed but combine European cooking techniques.

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One of the most prominent locations of the couple's trip was the Lung King Heen restaurant located in the Four Seasons Hong Kong hotel.

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The restaurant achieved three Michelin stars for 14 consecutive years. This year, the restaurant received two stars. This is the only Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong to ever be awarded the maximum three Michelin stars in 2009.
Located in Hong Kong's most luxurious hotel, the restaurant has a VIP room with panoramic views of Victoria Bay.

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The actress and her husband also stopped by Carbone restaurant on Wyndham Street, a New York-style Italian restaurant that pays homage to mid-20th century New York.

Photos courtesy of Diem My 9X's Instagram

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