Two Vietnamese dishes among world's 100 most popular breakfasts

By VNA   July 25, 2023 | 04:52 pm PT
Two Vietnamese dishes among world's 100 most popular breakfasts
A serving of Vietnamese beef stew accompanied with banh mi and fresh herbs. Photo by Le Nguyen
Two Vietnamese dishes, 'bo kho' (Vietnamese beef stew) and 'banh cuon' (steamed rice rolls) have been recently voted among the world's 100 most popular breakfasts by TasteAtlas audience.

Beef stew is a popular Vietnamese dish that can be consumed on its own, or accompanied by a baguette on the side, international food magazine TasteAtlas writes.

The dish includes ingredients such as diced beef, carrots, lemongrass, cinnamon, chili, pepper, garlic, and shallots, all of them simmered in a spicy and aromatic broth.

Placed 52nd in the list, the dish can also be served over noodles, and it is customary to serve a variety fresh herbs on the side.

Banh cuon, a popular Vietnamese street food item, ranked 76th. It consists of steamed rice rolls stuffed with pork, mushrooms or both. It takes a special kind of skill to prepare these steamed rolls, which should always be extremely thin and translucent, TasteAtlas noted.

TasteAtlas food rankings are based on the ratings of its audience, with a series of mechanisms. For the "100 Best Rated Breakfasts in the World" list that was opened for voting until July 24, nearly 19,700 ratings were recorded.

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