Snake pizza debuts in Hong Kong

By Hoang Vu   November 11, 2023 | 05:31 pm PT
Snake pizza debuts in Hong Kong
Snake pizza is served on the menu of Pizza Hut restaurants in Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut, one of world’s largest pizza chains, has released its first pizza topped with finely shredded snake meat for a limited engagement exclusively in Hong Kong.

The American pizza chain teamed up with Hong Kong’s famous snake meat restaurant Ser Wong Fun to unveil the new pizza inspired by traditional snake stew, a popular dish in Hong Kong and mainland China during winter months.

The new pizza also includes black mushrooms and Chinese dried ham on top of abalone sauce, according to Pizza Hut Hong Kong’s Instagram.

Customers who have tried the pizza said the texture of the meat is similar to dry chicken.

Mabel Sieh, a self-described foodie who loves to try different pizzas, told CNN he thought eating snake was scary. Snakes are not food in many cultures, especially in the west.

Rachel Wong, a big fan of snake soup, also tried the new snake pizza.

"The texture is a bit like chicken and tastes like fish and other kinds of seafood. So, I love having it as a high protein meal during winter," she was quoted by CNN as saying.

Snake pizza will only be served until Nov. 22.

Snake meat is believed to possess medicinal properties such as improving the skin and keeping the body warm by improving blood circulation.

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