Hanoi boy traumatized and hospitalized after bullying

By Thanh Hang   October 26, 2023 | 11:48 pm PT
Hanoi boy traumatized and hospitalized after bullying
Stills from an online video show a boy sitting in a corner as he is getting beaten by several others in Hanoi.
A 7th grader in Hanoi was hospitalized for mental trauma after getting beaten up by eight schoolmates.

A video showing a male student being ganged up on by several other children circulated on social media Wednesday night, with the victim sitting in a corner of a hallway while several other male students punched and kicked him in the head and stomach. The victim did not retaliate, only sobbing while protecting his head.

Do Cong Duc, principal of the Dai Dong Middle School in Thach That District, said the incident was in June at the Dong Cau village cultural house, during the summer vacation. The victim, named Kien, and those who beat him in the clip were all 7th graders studying at the school.

"I just recently learned about the video and did not dare to watch it a second time. It's painful to see," Duc said.

He said it was not the only time Kien had been beaten. In September, the school also discovered a group of male students beating Kien at school.

At the time, Kien had to receive treatment for mental trauma for 10 days, and he often showed signs of poor concentration. He returned to school in October, but his mind was unstable. The group who beat Kien consisted of eight members, and they were all suspended from school from Oct. 20 to 24.

Duc said Kien had a small stature and lived in difficult circumstances. When he was beaten, he usually did not tell anyone and even continued to play with those who beat him.

"The school has requested the families of relevant students to take responsibility, and reported the matter to the police and higher-ups. The school has also assisted with Kien's treatment costs," Duc said.

The Ministry of Education and Training in August said school violence was a long-standing issue, with around 7,100 students involved in it in 2022. Punishments for students with such violations include reprimanding and suspension.

An investigation is ongoing.

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