Singer Van Mai Huong talks about unlucky love life

By Hoang Dung   October 29, 2023 | 08:52 pm PT
Singer Van Mai Huong, 29, said she has yet to find someone compatible with her.

"I’m not lucky in love. Maybe it’s because I haven’t found the one I want to spend the rest of my life with yet," she said. "All of my relationships tend to be short. I don’t really believe in marriage, but I want to love and be loved."

"I used to love blindly in the past and believe that I’d marry and have kids by 30. Now, I’m choosing to focus on what makes me happy, which is my career," she added.

Singer Van Mai Huong, 29, born in Hanoi. Photo courtesy of Huong

Singer Van Mai Huong, 29, born in Hanoi. Photo courtesy of Huong

At 29, the singer found herself changing her perspective on life, preferring to find peace in her relationships and be less impulsive.

In her newest album, titled "Minh Tinh" (The Actress) released on Oct. 24, Huong dabbled in pop orchestra and R&B. The runner-up of the singing competition show Vietnam Idol in 2010 dedicated two years to perfecting the album. Notably, she recorded the song "Dai Minh Tinh" (The Great Actress) four times before she was satisfied.

After 15 years of singing, Huong has produced a few hits. The music video for "Mua Thang 6" (June Rain) released in May of this year garnered 20 million views on YouTube. The MV for "Dai Minh Tinh" (The Great Actress) released in September has 8 million views on YouTube.

"My work brings me a stable income, allowing me to live my life comfortably and do the things I like," she said.

Huong came to notoriety after becoming the runner-up on Vietnam Idol in 2010. Some of her hit songs include: "Ngay Chung Doi" (Together), "Neu Nhu Anh Den" (As If You’d Show Up), and "Mua Thang Sau" (June Rain).

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