'I give wife all my earnings': Famous pop singer

By Ha Thu   October 4, 2023 | 06:03 am PT
Singer Nguyen Tuan Hung said he transfers all his money directly to his wife’s bank account in return for an allowance.
Singer Nguyen Tuan Hung and his wife Tran Thu Huong. Photo from Hung’s Facebook

Singer Nguyen Tuan Hung and his wife Tran Thu Huong. Photo from Hung’s Facebook

"I don’t know how much money my wife has," the singer told VnExpress when asked about how he and his wife divide their financial responsibilities.

"Every time I get paid after performing somewhere, I directly transfer all the earnings to my wife’s bank account."

He said his wife, Tran Thu Huong, then uses part of the money she receives to give her husband an allowance. Hung added that she always makes sure that he has between VND50-100 million ($2,000-$4,100) to pay for his needs.

When asked what he thought about others mocking him for earning less money than Huong, Hung said he was fine with that.

"After all, those insulting words and staring eyes are nothing beyond that," he said. "They cannot affect my life."

The singer added that he was personally afraid of his marriage ending sadly, since he did not want his children to be separated from each other and get hurt because of their parents’ issues.

Thus, in order to avoid ending up like that, he has been putting effort into nurturing his relationship with his wife. He said willingly compromising was one of the things he had done to achieve that effect.

"I think married couples should compromise and directly reveal to each other things they do not like in the other partner," he said, adding that success in doing so would help a couple be more likely to maintain their happiness.

Hung then shared his own experiences of compromising with his wife. He said he had focused on his singing career during their early married years, and because of that, he didn’t spend much time with Huong and their kids.

But then he and Huong had a heart to heart talk. They reached a mutual agreement that Hung would spend less time on his career, while supporting Huong’s career as a businesswoman and spending more time with their kids.

Things were not smooth at first, as Hung had to cut down on singing, which he was passionate about. However, both he and Huong have now realized the decision brought positive changes to their married life.

And career is not the only aspect in life which Hung compromises.

"I also care about every smallest detail relating to my wife," he said. "For example, when we eat together, if I realize that there is a dish that both of us enjoy, I am willing to let my wife eat the whole thing."

Another attitude Hung has applied in his married life is to spend as much time with his wife as possible.

"The best way to maintain affections in the relationship is to go everywhere and do everything with each other," he said. "If a person stays at home to baby-sit while the other one hangs out with their friends, the couple will eventually clash."

Because of that, Hung takes his wife with him every time he goes to perform abroad.

That is also his way to compensate for Huong, who has spent most of her adult life as a wife and a mother.

"She [Huong] is 12 years younger than me," Hung said. "She has been busy with giving birth and taking care of our three kids ever since we got married [when Huong was 24], so she has not had many chances to travel and experience new things."

Looking back on his post-marriage journey, Hung said many things in his life changed.

"I don’t like to sing about sad love stories or separations anymore," he said. "I tried recording a few songs like that, but I didn’t have the right mood for them."

The singer believed that was a result of his current stable state of life. He said he is chasing nothing but happiness, peace, and positive vibes in his life at the moment.

Another aspect that has changed in the singer’s life is how he used to find it hard to control his temper and was quick to get into arguments. But that is not the case anymore.

"I used to read what netizens and anti-fans said about me and sometimes couldn’t help getting back at them," he said. "As I started learning about Buddhism a couple of years ago, I began thinking more positively and not taking others’ opinions too personally."

Hung, 45, dropped his undergraduate studies in 1998 to start his career in the entertainment industry with his debut in the boyband "Qua Dua Hau" (The Watermelon).

He married Huong, 33, in 2014. The couple has two sons and a daughter together.

He was also recently invited to perform at the "Las Vegas Super Bowl Pregame Warm-Up," which is set to take place in Las Vegas on February 9, 2024 as part of the Super Bowl.

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