Three men arrested for raping underage girl

By Tran Hoa   January 11, 2024 | 02:24 am PT
Three men in the Central Highlands' Gia Lai Province were accused of raping a 15-year-old girl after a drinking party.

Nay Jao, 21; Ro O Ngao, 21; and Nay Dinh, 19, were arrested by police of Krong Pa District on Thursday for "raping a person aged under 16."

Four days prior, the three had a drinking party with the girl at a shed in H’Muk Village, Chu Ngoc Commune. By night, after the party ended, Jao took the girl home on his motorbike, while Dinh and Ngao followed on their motorbikes. The men then allegedly incapacitated the girl and raped her on the street.

After they discovered that police officers of Chu Ngoc Commune were patrolling, the three men ran away. They were then summoned to the police station, where they confessed to their crime.

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