Wife of casino mogul Stanley Ho’s heir scolds husband in public

By Nguyen Huong   April 9, 2024 | 10:56 pm PT
Supermodel Ming Xi was witnessed vocally reprimanding her spouse Mario Ho, a businessman and progeny of the deceased casino magnate Stanley Ho, in a public setting.
Supermodel Ming Xi (R) and her husband Mario Ho. Photo from Ming Xis Weibo

Supermodel Ming Xi (R) and her husband Mario Ho. Photo from Ming Xi's Weibo

According to QQ, a well-known Chinese entertainment blogger shared a video on social media showcasing Ming Xi, 35, in a visibly irate state towards her husband, 29, on Sunday.

It’s observable in the footage that the supermodel speaks in a loud and prolonged manner for a few minutes, with Mario silently standing by, absorbing her words. Once Ming Xi has concluded her monologue, he attempts to pacify her by gently rubbing her hands, yet she persists in her anger and chooses to depart from the scene.

The footage elicited a spectrum of reactions from the online community.

"Every couple has their disputes, and it’s no different for affluent magnates and their model spouses," an individual from an online forum remarked.

"Look at how he endeavors to console his wife," initiated another commentator.

Ming Xi and Mario entered into matrimony in 2019, following a grandly romantic gesture by the latter, involving 99,999 roses. The duo are parents to a son and a daughter.

The marital dynamics of the couple have generally been viewed positively. Ming Xi, who emerged from modest beginnings and possesses a diverse skill set, is reputed to have imparted numerous life lessons to her husband—a scion of affluence previously less engaged in realms outside of academia and business.

The pair frequently delights television audiences with their contrasting traits: Mario’s endearing awkwardness juxtaposed with Ming Xi’s nimbleness and astuteness.

Since her marriage into the Ho family, the supermodel has dialed back her involvement in the entertainment sector to devote more attention to the family’s corporate endeavors. She has earned the esteem of her mother-in-law Angela Leong, marking her presence at numerous significant familial events including the inauguration of Asia’s premiere Versace hotel in Macau last month.

For her birthday this year, the supermodel received a yacht valued at HK$4.6 billion (US$588 million) from her mother-in-law. There’s also speculation that Ming Xi might ascend to prominent roles within her in-laws’ business empire in the future.

Ming Xi commenced her journey in the modeling industry in 2009 by participating in a television contest. Her career trajectory has been on an upward path ever since, with notable appearances in fashion shows for illustrious global brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Givenchy, Michael Kors, Balmain, and Karl Lagerfeld.

Mario holds a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

His mother Angela Leong, 62, is the fourth spouse of Stanley. As of April 9, her net worth was assessed by Forbes at US$2.6 billion, positioning her at number 33 among the Hong Kong’s 50 Richest list.

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