TV star Thanh Huong divorced

By Ha Thu   March 11, 2024 | 06:36 am PT
TV star Thanh Huong, renowned for her role in "Cuoc Doi Van Dep Sao" (Life is Still Beautiful), has publicly confirmed her divorce, finalized last year, and expresses contentment with her single life.

"I am currently enjoying my single life, focusing on advancing my career, caring for my two daughters, and not contemplating remarriage," she said Monday.

The actress, known for her reserved nature regarding personal matters, revealed she had kept the divorce private for the past year.

"However, I have decided to share this now because my family and the audience are genuinely concerned, and I also wish to prevent any unnecessary misunderstandings," she explained.

Actress Thanh Huong at the age of 36. Photo courtesy of Thanh Huong

Actress Thanh Huong at the age of 36. Photo courtesy of Thanh Huong

Huong, 36, and her ex-husband, a businessman who is a decade her senior, shared a 14-year relationship. Despite occasional rumors of a breakup in recent years, the actress consistently denied such speculations.

She once expressed gratitude for her husband's unwavering belief and support, despite their differing professions and personalities.

In contrast to many peers, Huong married early at the age of 21, subsequently taking a hiatus from acting for three to four years.

Upon her return at 25, she leveraged her life experiences to take on roles with depth, unafraid to portray characters older and less glamorous than the role she had become known for on the TV series.

Her commitment to her craft has not gone unnoticed, with the late actress Hoang Dung describing Huong as an ambitious professional.

Huong's realistic performances have garnered audience sympathy, particularly in roles depicting disadvantaged young women, such as Lan in "Quynh Bup Be" (Quynh The Doll) and Le in "Mua hoa tim lai" (Rediscovering the Flower Season).

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