Tim Cook enjoys egg coffee with pop diva My Linh and her daughter

By Ha Thu, Hoang Dung   April 14, 2024 | 11:03 pm PT
Apple CEO Tim Cook shared a snapshot on social media showing him savoring egg coffee with Vietnamese pop diva My Linh and her daughter, singer My Anh, on Monday.
(From L) Apple CEO Tim Cook, singer My Anh, and Vietnamese pop diva My Linh enjoying egg coffee at a restaurant in Hanoi April 15, 2024. Photo from Cook’s Twitter.

(From L) Apple CEO Tim Cook, singer My Anh, and Vietnamese pop diva My Linh enjoying egg coffee at a restaurant in Hanoi April 15, 2024. Photo from Cook’s Twitter.

"Xin chào (Hello), Vietnam! Thank you to the very talented musicians My Linh and My Anh for such a warm welcome," Cook penned in his first tweet since arriving in Hanoi. "And I loved the egg coffee!"

My Linh relayed that Cook discussed various topics related to art, creative fields, and historical and cultural facets of Hanoi in their discussion, which lasted 30 minutes over coffee at a restaurant situated at 48 Hang Be Street in the capital. Furthermore, the Apple executive articulated his aspiration to introduce Apple Plus offerings to markets beyond those that speak English.

The pop diva said she was impressed by Cook’s modest, approachable, and friendly demeanor. She added that he praised the egg coffee after just a few sips.

My Anh recounted: "I see the meeting with him as an incredibly unexpected gift."

"I found him to be kind and adorable," she added. "He demonstrated considerable enthusiasm and attention when I brought up the presence of youthful talents, known for their creative mindset, in the Vietnamese music industry."

The restaurant’s manager Phan Le, 30, noted that Cook arrived at around 10 a.m. The CEO showcased a modest demeanor with a smile always on his face.

He, alongside My Linh and My Anh, ordered egg coffee and a serving of sunflower seeds. Upon the gathering’s end, an Apple staff member accompanying Cook settled the bill.

Additionally, Cook extended his gratitude to the restaurant personnel and praised the quality of the beverages prior to his departure.

"The arrival of Tim Cook was unexpected, and we were only made aware of it five minutes prior," the restaurant’s representative mentioned.

Cook arrived in Hanoi Monday morning for a two-day business trip to meet notable content creators and app developers on App Store.

Apple has unveiled plans to strengthen its commitments to Vietnam during his visit, including increasing spending for suppliers and funding a clean water initiative at local schools.

Since last year the company has been launching new major services in Vietnam. It opened the Apple Store Online in May and launched payment service Apple Pay in August, is taking pictures of Vietnamese streets to develop its Apple Maps and expanding recruitment to hire engineers to develop its Siri voice assistant in Vietnamese.

Cook, 64, became CEO of Apple in 2011, and doubled the company’s revenues and profits by 2020. Under him, new products like Apple Watch and Apple Vision Pro, a virtual reality headset, were developed.

In 2023 it became the first company in the world to achieve a market cap of US$3 trillion.

My Linh, 49, holds a revered status among Vietnamese pop divas. Her breakthrough came when she clinched the title of Most Impressive Young Singer at the National Bands Festival in 1993 with her rendition of "Thi Tham Mua Xuan" (Whispers of the Spring).

Her marriage to composer Anh Quan in 1998 signified a pivotal shift in her musical journey. My Anh, 22, is a daughter of the couple.

In recent times, My Linh has devoted her efforts primarily towards teaching and mentoring.

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