Taiwanese entrepreneur Alan Yu sues model for accepting money, refusing sex

By Nguyen Huong   February 25, 2024 | 06:48 am PT
Taiwanese entrepreneur Alan Yu sues model for accepting money, refusing sex
Entrepreneur Alan Yu and Taiwanese model Sharon (left) when she was advertising his bubble tea brand. Photo from IT-oriented portal HardwareZone
Businessman Alan Yu has sued Taiwanese model Sharon, 28, for refusing to engage in sex with him despite accepting gifts.

The 62-year-old entrepreneur, founder of the American bubble tea chain Lollicup, expressed his dissatisfaction over the model's rejection, as reported by Sin Chew.

Alan and Sharon first crossed paths when she became an ambassador for his bubble tea brand last year. Alan, captivated by Sharon, went to great lengths, even contemplating divorcing his wife, to shower the younger woman with lavish gifts.

His expenditures surpassed TWD110 million (US$3.48 million), encompassing a luxury car and a house for the model. Despite these gestures, Sharon consistently evaded any romantic involvement, often citing excuses, such as claiming to be "on her period" to avoid intimacy.

In response to the alleged deceit, Alan has initiated legal proceedings against Sharon in both Taiwan and the U.S., accusing her of fraud.

The Supreme Court has taken action by confiscating assets including cash valued at TWD50 million, a Porsche RV worth TWD6.5 million, as well as jewelry and luxury handbags from Sharon's residence. Authorities discovered additional monetary assets and a BMW at her home.

Contrary to Alan's claims, Sharon vehemently denies any wrongdoing, asserting that Alan willingly presented her with valuable items. Her lawyer has corroborated this, supporting Sharon’s claim that the businessman indeed gifted her items in an attempt to win her favor.

In light of the legal dispute, Sharon has opted to set her Instagram account to private mode.

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