Singer-actress Diep Lam Anh: ‘I hate being seen as failed for divorcing’

By Thien Anh   February 10, 2024 | 05:00 pm PT
Singer-actress Diep Lam Anh has voiced her disdain for being perceived as unsuccessful simply because she experienced a high-profile divorce.
Singer-actress Diep Lam Anh. Photo from Diep Lam Anhs Instagram

Singer-actress Diep Lam Anh. Photo from Diep Lam Anh's Instagram

"I always believe that [divorce] is not a failure," she explained to NgoiSao. "Because a divorced woman can indeed transform into a better version of herself following the separation."

Diep Lam Anh recently featured in the reality TV show "Chi Dep Dap Gio Re Song" (Sisters Who Make Waves) and earned a spot in the debut team of seven alongside actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, and pop singers Trang Phap, Le Quyen, MLee, Thu Phuong, and My Linh. She mentioned that her goal for participating in the show was to splendidly move on from her marriage. Achieving this, she felt confident and no longer considered herself a failure because of her divorce, she remarked.

The actress recounted periods of isolating herself in a dark room before her participation in the show, overwhelmed by fears. She said she dreaded the stage, intimidated by crowds, gossip, judgment, and negative commentary. Thus, she takes pride in overcoming these fears to perform on television throughout the show, engaging in dancing, singing, rapping, and aspiring to stardom.

"At the age of 34, I can don my favorite outfits, follow my passions, and enjoy support from everyone," she shared. "For me, this represents true success."

For Diep Lam Anh, "Chi Dep Dap Gio Re Song" offered more than mere entertainment as it provided a platform for female artists over 30 to pursue their dreams and stand out by embracing new challenges, confronting their fears, and passionately engaging in their desired activities. She believes that simply stepping onto the stage and performing signifies a win for every contestant.

"Winning isn’t just about awards or positions, sometimes, it’s about venturing beyond your comfort zone, exploring new territories, and fully embracing the experience to find your boundaries," she expressed. "In this competition, I rediscovered myself at my most vibrant and beautiful."

Diep Lam Anh and her former spouse Nghiem Duc got married in 2018 but announced their separation in 2022, subsequently becoming entangled in a custody dispute over their two children.

A Ho Chi Minh City court decided in Sep. 2022 that each parent would have custody of one child. Diep Lam Anh subsequently sought an appeal, which upheld the original court decision in Sep. 2023.

Following the prolonged legal battle with her ex-husband, the actress stated she has rejuvenated her spirit, feeling more resilient and composed. She acknowledges loneliness as her current greatest challenge but views it as an opportunity for growth and strength.

"I’m open-minded, optimistic, and always anticipate positive developments ahead," she remarked. "What’s in the past is left behind, and I no longer dwell on it."

Diep Lam Anh initiated her career in the entertainment industry as a member of the Big Toe dance crew. She claimed victory on the reality show "The Amazing Race" in 2013, and has since been active in singing and acting.

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