Diva My Linh apologizes for botching legendary song

By Hoang Dung   January 25, 2024 | 06:27 pm PT
Diva My Linh apologizes for botching legendary song
Diva My Linh on "Chi Dep Dap Gio Re Song" reality show. Photo from My Linh's Facebook
Diva My Linh apologized to Trinh Cong Son's family and the audience for singing the wrong lyrics to a song by the legendary composer during a recent TV appearance.

During the January 20 performance on the Vietnam's reality show "Chi Dep Dap Gio Re Song," Linh, along with fellow singers Thu Phuong and Uyen Linh, performed a mashup of "Diem Xua" (Old Love) and "Dai Minh Tinh" (The Great Actress) as part of the group performance category.

However, all three singers mistakenly sang the wrong lyrics to Trinh Cong Son's renowned song.

The original lyrics published by the composer in 1998 via Tre Publishing House were: "Nhỡ mai trong cơn đau vùi" – which translates to "What if tomorrow is drowned in sorrow," but the trio instead sang "Nhớ mãi trong cơn đau vùi," which means "Forever remembering the sorrow."

On January 24, My Linh acknowledged her mistake and expressed her commitment to learning from the experience, pledging to double-check the original lyrics from credible sources in the future. "I sincerely hope Trinh Cong Son’s family and the audience accept my apologies," the diva said.

Trinh Cong Son's music is revered for its poetic lyrics, and his fans always pay close attention to his lyrics. Singers who sang the wrong lyrics to Trinh’s songs have, in the past, issued apologies, including singer Nguyen Ngoc Anh and singer My Tam.

My Linh, born in 1975 in Hanoi, is renowned for her contributions to light music. In 1993, she earned the Best New Artist award at the National Pop Music Festival. In recent years, My Linh has primarily focused on teaching and training.

"Chi Dep Dap Gio Re Song" is a localized adaptation of China's popular reality television show for female stars over 30 years old "Sisters Who Make Waves".

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