Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow laid to rest in Beijing

By Nhu Anh   April 19, 2024 | 12:19 am PT
Late actress Kathy Chow’s family organized a burial ceremony for her in Beijing four months following her demise.
Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow. Photo from Chows management agencys Weibo

Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow. Photo from Chow's management agency's Weibo

Through the Weibo account of the actress’ management company, her mother shared a letter to fans on Thursday, which read: "Kathy’s new home is now in the Changping district of Beijing."

"Our family considered locations in both Hong Kong and Beijing, deciding this was the most fitting," she added.

The actress’ affinity for Beijing during her lifetime was highlighted by her mother, noting that Chow had moved there to live and work for more than two decades and spent her last days in the city.

The mother conveyed that all of Chow’s social media profiles, including one dedicated to her dog, would remain active, allowing fans to revisit them whenever they missed her. She also expressed gratitude towards her daughter’s friends for their support and comforting words during these trying and mournful times.

At 57 years old, Chow died unexpectedly in December last year at her residence. St Headline reported that an acquaintance of Chow discovered her unresponsive and promptly transported her to a hospital.

Her family subsequently revealed that Chow succumbed to cardiovascular disease, fortunately not enduring significant pain and departing serenely. A private funeral for the actress was conducted at the year’s end, with her ashes being transported back to Hong Kong as her family sought an appropriate burial site.

All of Chow’s assets, valued at more than US$15 million as per HK01, were bequeathed to her mother.

Chow entered the entertainment industry in 1985 by competing in that year’s Miss Hong Kong pageant. She gained significant recognition for her portrayal of Zhou Zhiruo in the 1994 television version of Jin Yong’s wuxia novel "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber."

Her career was further marked by leading roles in several TVB dramas.

In 1988, the actress wed Hong Kong actor Ray Lui. She refused her in-laws’ wishes for her to abandon her career in favor of domestic life, resulting in a marriage that dissolved after just one year.

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