Daughter pays 'Condor Heroes' star visit after long estrangement

By Nguyen Huong   April 1, 2024 | 11:29 pm PT
Hong Kong actor Chun Wong, celebrated for his roles in 'The Condor Heroes,' received a visit from his daughter while hospitalized after a lengthy period of estranged relationship with his children.
Hong Kong actor Chun Wong. Photo by TVB

Hong Kong actor Chun Wong. Photo by TVB

Actor Lin Wei, a friend of Chun, disclosed that the March 21 visit from Chun's daughter after he was hospitalized following a fall at his rented residence in Hong Kong lifted his spirits. Yet, when inquired whether he would consider living with his children, Chun remained silent, according to Lin.

Lin mentioned that Chun's health has improved following several weeks of medical care in the hospital.

"His voice is full of vigor now, and he's scheduled for rehabilitation soon," Lin reported. "Following his recuperation, he will be discharged."

Lin also noted that Chun consistently avoids discussing his family and children even with his close friends.

"Conversations about his children are rare for him," Lin observed. "At times, when questioned, he evasively side steps, never delving into specifics."

A source indicated that the elder Chun, who is currently in frail health and experiencing a rift with his children, feels sorrow and regret. Chun acknowledged that he mistakenly believed providing financial support alone would suffice in his role as a father, only to realize the relationship had grown distant. He is now keen on mending ties, though none of his children seem inclined to do so.

Reports suggest that Chun's relationship with his four children, shared with his wife Mo Peiwen, deteriorated after he neglected them and Mo following the commencement of his relationship with Mary, a mistress 20 years his junior. Despite his attempts at reconciliation, his children have remained unreceptive.

Mo is said to have sought divorce from Chun on six occasions, none of which Chun consented to, leading to their current separation.

Having previously lived in Shenzhen, China with Mary, Chun relocated to Hong Kong upon retirement. Mary decided to remain in China with her daughter, leaving Chun to live alone in Hong Kong. Presently, he lives by himself, weighs over 100 kg, and uses a wheelchair for mobility.

Chun, who has had a long association with the Hong Kong broadcaster TVB, is renowned for his roles in film adaptations of Jin Yong's wuxia (martial arts) novels.

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