Actor Chun Wong criticized for affair with 20-year-younger woman, neglecting family

By Nguyen Huong   January 30, 2024 | 08:02 pm PT
Hong Kong actor Chun Wong has been censured for having an extramarital affair with a woman 20 years his junior and neglecting his wife and children.
Hong Kong actor Chun Wong (L) and his daughter. Photo from Instagram/_monicalau_

Hong Kong actor Chun Wong (L) and his daughter. Photo from Instagram/_monicalau_

As reported by the Chinese media outlet Yule, the 76-year-old actor admitted to his infidelity during a recent interview.

The actor recounted meeting his mistress Mary when he was 50. Initially uninterested, he grew closer to her as she assisted him with daily tasks like cooking and laundry. He noted her sincerity and non-materialistic nature, contrasting with other women he had encountered in Hong Kong, and eventually developed feelings for her, leading to his purchase of a house in her name.

Despite Mary’s push for Chun to divorce his wife Mo Peiwen and marry her, the actor refused, citing the potential negative impact on his children from Mo. It is reported that Mo had attempted to divorce six times after discovering Chun’s affair with Mary.

Chun’s refusal to divorce had led to a separation of the actor from Mary. Following their separation, Mary returned to her hometown in Hunan, China, and later came back pregnant. She then gave birth to a daughter, whom Chun accepts as his own and plans to support financially through university.

Conversely, Chun’s relationship with his four children from Mo has reportedly deteriorated, leading to strained father-child dynamics. Now elderly, residing alone in Shenzhen, China, weighing over 100 kg, and wheelchair-bound, Chun asserts his independence from these children.

The actor faced public backlash for his self-centered actions and poor treatment of his children after the interview was published. Some online commenters linked his current challenges to his decision to abandon his family with Mo.

Chun, known for his decades-long dedication to the Hong Kong broadcaster TVB, is primarily recognized for his roles in film adaptations of Jin Yong’s wuxia novels.

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