Actress Shu Qi: innocence, maturity 'not necessarily opposites'

By Nhu Anh   February 22, 2024 | 02:00 am PT
Renowned Taiwanese actress Shu Qi believes that adults can retain the innocence of children.

In the March edition of Elle China magazine, the 50-year-old actress was asked whether people should maintain their innocence or embrace maturity to confront challenges.

Shu Qi asserted that the two notions are not mutually exclusive.

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi. Photo from Instagram

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi. Photo from Instagram

"Why can't we experience sheer joy like a child even as we age?" she asked. "When I indulge in delectable food or see a beautiful afternoon, I’m so happy that I could scream."

Shu Qi said she hasn't lost touch with her youthful spirit. Her lifestyle and mindset echo those of her
twenties – she doesn’t overthink, nor does she plan too far ahead.

She said she already achieved things she wanted when she was younger, so now she lives a stress-free
life full of freedom.

Shu Qi entered the entertainment industry as a teenager and started out in softcore pornography films.
The actress later garnered attention from veteran directors in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the mid-1990s,
and rose to prominence with lead roles in films such as "Viva Erotica" in 1996 and "Bishonen" in 1998.

She later gained international fame through her roles in "The Transporter" and "So Close" in 2002,
"Three Times" in 2005, "My Wife Is a Gangster 3" in 2006, and "Love" in 2012.

Shu Qi married actor Stephen Fung in 2016. According to Malaysian news outlet Sinchew, the couple
stands financially independent.

With over three decades in the entertainment industry, Shu Qi maintains her allure and popularity,
serving as the ambassador for various international brands. In 2023, she served as a judge in the main
category at the Venice International Film Festival.

This, along with previous judging stints at the Berlin Film Festival in 2008 and the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 made her the third female artist of Chinese descent to be a judge on three major European film festivals, following actresses Gong Li and Maggie Cheung.

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