Actress Hwang Jung Eum apologizes for wrongly accusing beauty queen as steel tycoon husband’s mistress

By Nguyen Huong   April 5, 2024 | 05:00 am PT
South Korean actress Hwang Jung Eum issued an apology to Jo Ha Eun, a Miss Korea Seoul 2020 contestant, for mistakenly accusing her of having an affair with Hwang’s husband, steel magnate Lee Young Don.
South Korean actress Hwang Jung Eum. Photo from Hwangs Instagram

South Korean actress Hwang Jung Eum. Photo from Hwang's Instagram

As reported by Nate, merely hours after Hwang shared an Instagram story suggesting Jo was in a relationship with Lee on Thursday, Hwang clarified: "After being hurt by someone related to my spouse’s unfaithfulness, I hastily wrote some remarks."

"I erroneously identified her as the individual who had an affair with my husband, which was not the case."

The actress acknowledged her mistake in posting content that led to misconceptions, extending a heartfelt apology "for the ensuing outcomes that directed criticism at the involved individual."

Many reactions were elicited from the public on Hwang’s apology post. Some labeled her actions as reckless and impetuous, while a faction expressed empathy for her, considering the emotional turmoil she was undergoing.

Hwang had previously implicated Jo in traveling to Thailand with Lee amid their ongoing divorce proceedings. Jo countered by denying any acquaintance with Lee and demanded an apology from Hwang, with a warning of potential legal action.

Hwang and Lee, parents to two boys aged seven and two, tied the knot in 2016. They unexpectedly announced their divorce in Sep. 2020 but decided to reconcile the following year.

Hwang announced her decision to separate from Lee in February. A confidante of Hwang later suggested that Lee’s indiscretion was the catalyst for the divorce, casting Lee into the spotlight of critique over allegations of infidelity. Nevertheless, the tycoon has remained silent up until now.

Lee, 43, serves as the CEO of a steel company and enjoys recognition for his skills in golf.

Hwang, 40, commenced her career in the entertainment domain as a singer with the group Sugar in 2004.

After leaving Sugar to pursue a solo career, she ventured into acting in 2005, earning accolades for her performances in prestigious television dramas such as "High Kick" (Part Two), "East of Eden," "The Master’s Sun," and "Giant."

Her role in the 2015 television series "She Was Pretty" garnered significant praise and spawned remakes in various Asian countries, including Vietnam and China, according to the South Korean digital service Nate.

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