World Cup final in Vietnam: advertising rates on national broadcaster skyrocket

By Vien Thong   June 28, 2018 | 07:24 pm PT
World Cup final in Vietnam: advertising rates on national broadcaster skyrocket
A World Cup commentary show of VTV in halftime.
Businesses wanting to advertise at halftime of the final match of World Cup 2018 will have to pay record sums.

The Television Advertising and Services Center (TVAd) of national broadcaster VTV has upped the ad fees for halftime airtime during the final match of World Cup 2018 by 60 percent.

Businesses will have to pay VND800 million ($35,020) per 30 seconds to advertise on the VTV6 and VTV2 channels during halftime of the 2018 World Cup final match and the time between the end of the match and beginning of the closing ceremony.

Another option for these periods is a 10 seconds pack for VND400 million ($17,475). Enterprises can save VND50 million for each pack if they choose to advertise their product or service during the halftime commentary.

On June 11, VTV had announced halftime advertising rates for the final at VND500 million ($21,854) for 30 seconds. Just a fortnight later, it has jacked up the price by VND300 million.

The current price is a record for an advertisement during World Cup final on VTV. The last World Cup in 2014 saw enterprises paying $15,297 for 30 seconds on air.

“The final is being broadcast during the golden hour at 8:30 p.m, so I’m not surprised with this significant rise in price,” an advertising expert said.

VTV’s price tag for semi-finals advertising ranges from $7,640 to $15,300 depending on the duration. For the quarter-finals, the range is $6,560 to $13,105.

Vietnamese football fans almost missed the World Cup this year, with VTV saying it “will not acquire broadcasting rights at all cost” after making huge losses during previous World Cup broadcasts.

The national broadcaster finally sealed the deal with Infront Sports and Media on World Cup screening rights on June 8, barely a week before the tournament began. It received $5 million in support from real estate conglomerate Vingroup.

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