VSIP: From eco-industrial parks to integrated megacities

By Ngoc Diem   June 8, 2022 | 05:00 am PT
VSIP Group is one of the first companies to develop a network of industrial parks and complexes, as well as urban services throughout cities.

Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) was conceived and developed in 1996 in Thuan An, Binh Duong Province with the first project named VSIP I, focusing on the development of eco-industrial parks.

VSIP Group has opened up an integrated urban-service industry model by implementing several large-scale housing projects with many different utilities right within industrial parks over the past 26 years.

First integrated project in Bac Ninh

In 2007, VSIP Bac Ninh industrial, urban and service park was established after 11 years in Vietnam.

The project opens up new development directions for industrial cities to synchronize both economic and residential factors, creating a closed circle that both offers jobs and attracts employees; all that is required is to create a living, learning and playing environment for investors and the community.

Overview of BelHomes Bac Ninh urban area. Photo by VSIP Group

Overview of BelHomes Bac Ninh urban area. Photo by VSIP Group

VSIP Bac Ninh is a nearly 700-hectare project located on the strategic border of Hanoi. VSIP Bac Ninh has currently filled 99 percent of the industrial land area, attracting 116 investors from 18 nations and territories with a total investment of nearly $2 billion, producing nearly 30,000 jobs.

Located in VSIP Bac Ninh, Belhomes Bac Ninh is a 5.7-hectare urban complex that offers 365 town- and shophouses. Aside from the overall landscape and architecture of each house designed in Singaporean style, the project also has conventional internal utilities that provide inhabitants with practical benefits and a refined experience.

Spreading integrated model across country

The success of the Bac Ninh integrated urban-service industrial park model has prompted VSIP Group to expand to other areas. VSIP integrated projects were consecutively established in Binh Duong (2008), Hai Phong (2010), Quang Ngai (2013), Nghe An (2015), Binh Dinh (2020).

VSIP in every location has changed the appearance of infrastructure as well as human life around the project. The megacities built by VSIP go hand in hand with the industrial land fund.

Following Bac Ninh, 9.5-hectare BelHomes Hai Phong has three big parks with a total scale of more than six hectares, as well as several amenities at VSIP Hai Phong.

Green space in Thien My Loc – Quang Ngai residential area. Photo by VSIP Group

Green space in Thien My Loc – Quang Ngai residential area. Photo by VSIP Group

In addition, Thien My Loc is a residential area in VSIP Quang Ngai with 6,500 houses providing accommodation for 34,650 residents. The project also has a 21,000-square-meter park with a variety of utilities. Since its completion in 2016, VSIP Plaza has provided facilities to Thien My Loc residents and other communities, including an indoor play area, gym, tennis court, health care center, library and restaurant services.

Furthermore, The Habitat Binh Duong at VSIP I – Binh Duong, which consists of 11 apartment towers, is designed to be an eco-living place with a smart utility system. The project features health care facilities like an infinity pool, children's pool, sauna, mini waterfall, tropical garden, jogging track, grass hill, meditation and yoga yard, outdoor games area, and so on.

Outside the campus of The Habitat Binh Duong project. Photo by VSIP Group

Outside the campus of The Habitat Binh Duong project. Photo by VSIP Group

Sun Casa and Sun Casa Central projects in Binh Duong have a series of utilities that have been completed and are operating, including Sun Sports Center, two central parks, Sun Park, Sun Mall, and Sun Containers Night Market. The 8,000-square-meter general clinic and the first water music area are also gradually being completed in Bing Duong.

Vibrant life in VSIP-branded integrated urban areas

Nguyen Phu Thinh - general director, a representative of VSIP, stated that, in addition to commercial purposes, VSIP Group's top priority is to improve the living standard of investors, employees and their families.

Residents in VSIP's urban regions not only enjoy an ecological living space, close to nature and with a synchronized utility system but also events and festivals.

Lim Mei Ying, a resident of Belhomes Bac Ninh, said the whole family was pleased to live in this place while her husband worked at the industrial park. Family members swiftly adjusted to their new lives after moving from Singapore.

"I felt as if I were back in Singapore when I turned to Belhomes with a wide, green and airy area. There are full amenities and several community activities throughout the compound, which successfully connect people," Lim said. Families here also take part in a spring flower festival with a variety of entertainment events during the Tet holiday.

Overview of Sun Casa Central (VSIP Binh Duong) at night. Photo by VSIP Group

Overview of Sun Casa Central (VSIP Binh Duong) at night. Photo by VSIP Group

VSIP Group received several major prizes at Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2020 and other renowned accolades. The company is also regarded as one of the "bright spots" of innovation in Vietnam's real estate ecosystem, applying advanced models to projects in the industrial and commercial housing sectors.

In the future, VSIP Group will pursue its strategy of constructing high-quality industrial parks and commercial housing developments with contemporary utilities, infrastructure, and services, thereby contributing to the improvement of regional living standards.

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