VinCSS, VicOne to collaborate in automotive cybersecurity services

By Thy An   September 19, 2023 | 02:00 am PT
VinCSS and VicOne have revealed a partnership aimed at providing services and solutions to ensure cybersecurity for smart vehicles.

The primary objective is to scrutinize the challenges faced in the APAC automotive cybersecurity sector, particularly the vulnerabilities tied to electronic control units (ECUs), as they incorporate more open-source software.

The integration of VicOne's xZETA system signifies the drive to establish a comprehensive vulnerability and SBOM management solution tailored for VinCSS.

The partnership's emphasis on the Vulnerability Impact Rating technology suggests a commitment to swiftly detecting and addressing high-risk vulnerabilities.

The initiative emphasizes early security intervention in the connected car development lifecycle. It seeks to enhance safety measures while ensuring rigorous standards for supplier components, minimizing potential threats.

VinCSS and VicOnes representatives at the signing ceremony. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

VinCSS and VicOne's representatives at the signing ceremony. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

Tin T. Nguyen, Deputy Director of the Automotive Cybersecurity Division at VinCSS, is the driving force behind this collaboration. His diverse career trajectory, ranging from his tenure as a Special Agent with the FBI to his contributions in the APAC startup ecosystem, speaks volumes. His profound expertise, further bolstered by numerous world-class certifications, remains instrumental in steering VinCSS's pioneering efforts in the domain.

As the two companies navigate the intricate pathways of the APAC automotive cyber landscape, the partnership with VicOne becomes paramount in redefining how they secure smart vehicular technologies at the component level.

"With unified intent, our partnership stands as a beacon, ready to sculpt a safer and more connected automotive future," said Tin.

Edward Tsai, Vice President of Strategic Partnership at VicOne, also said that connected vehicles present an abundance of opportunities to enhance reliability, better diagnostics, and connectivity.

However, they also unveil an expanding attack surface across the connected car ecosystem. Software vulnerabilities are a pivotal part of this growing concern, necessitating a comprehensive approach and specialized solutions.

"Keeping vehicle data and identification safe from cyberattack is an important shared interest with VinCSS. Through our vulnerability and management system, we expect to improve efficiencies and provide vehicle security beyond vulnerabilities," Tsai said.

As VinCSS and VicOne unite, the automotive cybersecurity landscape is poised for a transformative journey towards safety, innovation, and excellence.

VicOne, an automotive cybersecurity solutions provider, is at the forefront of developing solutions for automotive cybersecurity.

Their product, xZETA, is geared towards addressing vulnerabilities in the software supply chain, concentrating on the protection of ECUs in light of an evolving digital threat environment.

VinCSS, a subsidiary of Vingroup, has since 2018 positioned itself as a trusted pioneer in the cybersecurity sector.

VinCSS started the automotive cybersecurity business in 2019 with extensive hands-on experience with multiple projects securing various vehicle models, including successful coordination to obtain EU certifications for an EV maker.

It now has a global certified automotive cybersecurity professional team from the U.S., India, EU, and Vietnam experienced in automotive cybersecurity, offering comprehensive cybersecurity services for smart vehicle OEMs in accordance with ISO:21434, the UN’s R155/156 regulations, best practices, and specific market requirements.

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