Vietnamese automaker says US penetration a ‘stepping stone’

By Trang Anh   June 3, 2020 | 07:30 pm PT
Automaker Thaco says the penetration of a tough market like the US will facilitate greater participation in the global value chain.

The company shipped 36 semi-trailers, produced at its plant in the Thaco Chu Lai Industrial Park in Quang Nam Province, to the U.S. on June 1.

It was the first batch of 69 such vehicles that the Vietnamese automaker will ship to the U.S. via PITTS Enterprises, one of the 15 largest trailer manufacturers in North America that has a history of more than 100 years.

Semi-trailers are loaded on the ship at Chu Lai port (Quang Nam province).

Thaco's semi-trailers are loaded at the Chu Lai Port in Quang Nam Province, central Vietnam for shipping to the U.S.

"The U.S. is one of the most challenging markets with strict requirements on product quality. The successful penetration to this market is a stepping-stone for us to further participate in the global value chain," a Thaco representative said.

He said the company had surveyed and researched the U.S market before signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation with PITTS Enterprises for manufacturing and distributing semi-trailers.

Under the deal, the two parties will continue to work in designing, developing and manufacturing new products in accordance with customer needs and expanding the distribution market.

Thaco's trailers are tested the Thaco Chu Lai Industrial Park in Quang Nam Province.

Thaco has exported skeletal semi-trailers of varying sizes, including 20 feet (6 meters), 40 feet (12 meters) and 40/45 feet (12/14 meters) extendable semi-trailers.

As for the ones shipped to the U.S, they are equipped with anti-lock braking systems as a safety measure, PSI tire inflation systems to keep the pressure stable during operation and increase tyre life, and LED warning lights to detect air leaks.

The semi-trailers are also equipped with speedometers (Stemco Hubodometer) installed directly on the shaft to track the journey, which is convenient for warranty and maintenance. They also meet the U.S. transportation standards, including DOT, AAR, ANSI, TOFC, FMVSS, SAE and TTMA.

Ships arrived Chu Lai port to deliver trailers to the U.S.

Ships arrive at the Chu Lai Port in Quang Nam Province.

In April, Thaco exported to the U.S. two semi-trailers specialized in carrying bungalows that can be expanded from 54 feet to 74 feet. The product has a Drawbar tow bar with a maximum capacity of 27 tons.

The two-line vacuum-independent brake and air suspension systems help them work smoothly, combined with the Wabco axle lift valve mechanism to adjust the height of center of gravity and facilitate transportation and unpack.

The shipment was set to arrive in the port city of Charleston, the U.S., on June 2.

Maintaining high standards of quality and performance, Thaco's trailers have been shipped to other markets like Columbia and South Korea.

The company plans to hand over another 33 semi-trailers to its partner, PITTS Enterprises in June and continue to fulfill its production commitments signed, while boosting sales to Japan, Australia and ASEAN markets.

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