Vietnam's best IT companies for 2024 revealed

By Thy An   April 24, 2024 | 05:00 pm PT
The 2024 Vietnam Best IT Companies list, compiled by ITviec, recognizes large enterprises and SMEs, based on employee reviews, highlighting the company's culture and staff satisfaction.

The selection process is uniquely organic credible, based on four aspects: Authenticity - reviews are directly collected from tech employees, providing transparent insights; Verification - each review undergoes a rigorous system and human checks to confirm authenticity; No Entry Fee - companies do not pay to participate in the selection process; Organic Participation - rankings are primarily based on voluntary employee feedback and sophisticated algorithms tailored annually, not skewed by paid endorsements.

NFQ Asia (six-time winner) topped the list in the "Vietnam Best IT Companies 2024: Large Enterprise Category," as voted by over 21,500 tech employees. Following closely were SmartOSC, Trusting Social, Tyme (three-time winner), and Employment Hero, among the top five.

Noteworthy among the large enterprise winners are repeat winners such as Niteco Vietnam, Absolute Software, VNG Corporation, GeoComply Vietnam, LG Electronics Development Vietnam, Zuhlke Engineering Vietnam, and Hybrid Technologies.

Newcomers making their mark this year included Home Credit Vietnam, NAB Innovation Center Vietnam, and Bosch Global Software Technologies Company Limited.

In the SME category, Creative Force took the lead. Strong established brand names like Restaff - House of Norway, Scandinavian Software Park, and MTI Technology have also been recognized multiple times, demonstrating their sustained excellence.

This year saw a surge in first-time winners in the SME category, such as GFT Technologies Vietnam, DevBlock Vietnam, Dirox, Sharpensols, Raksul Vietnam, EMDDI, SMG Swiss Marketplace Group, ONE Tech Stop Vietnam, FireGroup, Panasonic R&D Center Vietnam, and KBTG Vietnam.

The Vietnam Best IT Companies list by ITviec serves as an invaluable resource for jobseekers within the tech industry, offering them a reliable guide to where employees feel valued and engaged.

For companies, it acts as a benchmark for internal improvement and culture enhancement.

For the broader IT industry, it promotes best practices and celebrates success stories that foster a competitive yet healthy environment.

The 2024 Vietnam Best IT Companies list not only celebrates these organizations but also elevates the standards of the IT profession nationwide, making it a positive benchmark for industry excellence and employee satisfaction.

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