Utility ecosystem gradually fills Novaland's urban areas

By Ngoc Diem   April 18, 2022 | 02:00 am PT
Novaland and NovaGroup members have accelerated the project's progress and placed it into partial operation, following the speed of completing transport infrastructure.

Implementing and operating urban areas

The Novaland site management team overcame challenges and finished clusters of projects and utilities in 2021, with the goal of accelerating the construction of large-scale urban regions in the period 2021-23.

The projects are being built at a faster pace, with the goal of completion and overall operation in 2023.

NovaWorld Phan Thiet employs around 6,500 people, according to a site manager.

"Key utility system areas are being constructed on a continuous basis to ensure the handover and operation schedule in 2022."

The developer is expected to complete the project and operate the second home area in Florida subdivision this year, as well as several large utility clusters like the Sport Complex and the exclusive 36-hole PGA golf course cluster, Circus Land amusement park and cuisine at Miami Bikini Beach square park, Florida Water Park, Movenpick Hotel, Radisson Hotel, Nova Clinic Phan Thiet, etc.

NovaWorld Phan Thiets utility system is gradually being completed. Photo by Novaland

NovaWorld Phan Thiet's utility system is gradually being completed. Photo by Novaland

Similar to NovaWorld Ho Tram, the construction site is rushing for completion, utilizing over 4,500 workers to hand over and operate The Tropicana's second home area, Wonderland with several facilities like Tropicana Park, a shopping and dining area along the coastal route, Nova Clinic Ho Tram, and so on.

NovaWorld Ho Tram has welcomed many visiting. Photo by Novaland

NovaWorld Ho Tram has welcomed many visiting. Photo by Novaland

To welcome the first residents, Aqua City smart eco-urban will also complete and run several vital utilities including Aqua Central Mall, Aqua Sport Complex, Nova Clinic Aqua City, etc. in 2022.

Novaland and NovaGroup's core members, including Nova Service and Nova Consumer, have established a comprehensive ecosystem of utility products and services to boost the value of megacities.

Nova Service members have currently concentrated their efforts on investing in and managing service utility chains in megacities, contributing to the operation progress.

Typically, Nova FnB operates over 50 restaurants and coffee shops in HCMC, as well as in AquaCity, NovaWorld Ho Tram, and NovaWorld Phan Thiet with brands such as Crystal Jade, Phin Deli Glass House, Phin Deli Cau Dat Farm, Aulac Do Brasil restaurant, Dynasty House, Marina Club, etc.

Besides, Tropicana Park, Minera Water Park (at NovaWorld Ho Tram); Circus Land, Florida Water Park (at NovaWorld Phan Thiet); Black Pearl show - Invisible Treasures in the harbor – Aqua City Square, etc are among the attractions offered by Nova Dreams.

By 2022, Nova Lifestyle plans to establish eight Citigym centers and operate two sports complexes: Aqua Sport Complex in Aqua City and NovaWorld Sport Complex at NovaWorld Phan Thiet. In addition, Citispa will open four locations throughout the country, while Nova Football will open two professional football training centers.

A row of villas in Aqua City is gradually being completed. Photo by Novaland

A row of villas in Aqua City is gradually being completed. Photo by Novaland

Ensuring long-term growth

Novaland was regarded as one of the prestigious Vietnamese brands in 2021 in the local and international capital markets. Novaland listed an additional $300 million of convertible bonds on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) as well as maintained a stable position in the VN30 portfolio – the top 30 stocks with substantial capitalization in the market.

The company also announced a number of business objectives that would be presented to shareholders at the General Meeting in 2022. Its revenue has reached VND35,900 billion, with a profit of VND6,500 billion, up 141 percent and 88 percent respectively compared to 2021.

The handover of significant projects such as Aqua City, NovaWorld Phan Thiet, NovaWorld Ho Tram (Wonderland, The Tropicana), NovaHills Mui Ne Resort & Villas, and project clusters in HCMC is expected to provide income growth impetus.

In addition to the sustainable development strategy, Novaland supports the government and the community in a variety of social security activities.

The highlights are urgent action programs including subscribing to the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund, giving ambulances and specialized medical equipment, concentrating isolation zones, field hospitals and resuscitation centers for Covid-19 patients.

The enterprise also started a zero-dong supermarkets program to supply food to difficult circumstances that were blockaded and quarantined; prepare thousands of meals to give to doctors on the front line and started a waste sorting program in apartment buildings.

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