Trade show an efficient method for B2B sales

By Thy An   August 8, 2023 | 05:00 pm PT
Exhibition fairs provide opportunities for businesses to improve their image and expand their commercial opportunities.
A trade exhibition fair in HCMC. Photo courtesy of ???

A trade exhibition fair in HCMC. Photo courtesy of Gia Long

They offer an opportunity for businesses to access the market, reinforce their brand identity, and establish relationships with customers and partners.

With emphasis on booth design, brand image, customer reception activities, staffing, and product displays, businesses can enhance their participation in a fair and achieve numerous commercial collaborations on the spot.

Gia Long has set up over 1,000 trade exhibition booths both domestically and internationally in the past 18 years. According to the company, to attract potential partners, businesses should consider certain aspects to make a strong impression.

The first thing businesses should focus on is creating a professional, innovative, and eye-catching booth design. This will attract attendees' attention, facilitating interactions with target customers and engaging partners for a longer time.

Second, brand identity visualization is also important. To make a lasting impression on customers' minds, businesses should incorporate their brand identity into the booth design. Ensuring that logos, slogans, and brand images are prominently displayed at the exhibition booth helps customers remember the business better after leaving the event.

This pavilion of Qatar was impressively designed with a large scale that attracts the attention of visitors. Photo courtesy of ???

This pavilion of Qatar was designed on a large scale to attract the attention of visitors. Photo courtesy of Gia Long

Third, businesses should create a space for welcoming potential and existing customers and partners at their booths. Offering warm and attentive hospitality will make customers feel comfortable, build trust, and demonstrate the business's respect for its partners and customers.

Fourth, proper distribution and arrangement of booth staff are crucial. They should be well-informed about the exhibited products and services. Staff members should possess sufficient expertise to answer customers' inquiries and share important product highlights. They should be able to make interesting conversations to attract customers to the booth.

Arranging personnel strategically helps attracting customers to the booth. Photo courtesy of Gia Long

Arranging personnel strategically helps attracting customers to the booth. Photo courtesy of Gia Long

Finally, the booth should highlight unique and differentiated products. Exhibiting distinctive products alongside their unique selling points compared to competitors will pique the curiosity of the target customers.

With 18 years of experience in exhibition booth design and construction, Gia Long has executed over 1,000 booths both domestically and internationally.

Its expertise extends to collaborating with major clients in diverse fields such as aquaculture, renewable energy, food and beverage, technology, and precision engineering...

The company is considered one of the exhibition booth contractors that brings a fresh breeze to businesses at all exhibitions.

See more information about Gia Long Exhibition and Construction here, visit the address at 158/28/17 Pham Van Chieu, Ward 9, Go Vap District, HCMC, send email to, or contact via hotline at 0912 052 359 (Phuong) or 0934 605 010 (Nhan).

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