ToCoToCo embraces community engagement as core corporate responsibility

By Thy An   January 22, 2024 | 12:00 am PT
Community and social activities are one of the top focuses of ToCoToCo's sustainable development strategy, along with innovation efforts to bring consumers quality milk tea cups.

Promoting green consumption

As the milk tea business becomes increasingly competitive, many new brands appear and some others get out of the game, but ToCoToCo still maintains a stable performance, with about 3 million cups of milk tea sold every month.

A representative of ToCoToCo said that it is the trust and companionship of nearly 10 million customers that have helped this brand achieve steady development over the past decade.

"Customers choose ToCoToCo products not only because of their delicious taste but also because of the story we are telling, and the values ToCoToCo is spreading."

In recent years, ToCoToCo is a rare milk tea brand that is willing to prioritize resources for research and conversion to using environmentally friendly packaging materials.

ToCoToCo using environmentally friendly packaging products. Photo courtesy of ToCoToCo

ToCoToCo uses environmentally friendly packaging materials. Photo courtesy of ToCoToCo

The representative affirmed that the business is always loyal to sustainable development orientation and is ready to accompany customers in changing consumption habits that can negatively impact the environment.

ToCoToco is also one of the pioneer brands in constantly changing packaging designs and switching to using paper cups and paper straws since many years ago.

In product communication campaigns, the brand also prioritizes spreading the message of environmental protection and sustainable green living, calling on young customers to take actions to raise awareness towards no plastic waste through sustainable consumption habits.

Supporting young talent with job opportunities

ToCoToCo not only considers generation Z as its target customer group but is always ready to accompany, support, and motivate their pursuit for knowledge.

Every month, ToCoToCo encourages young talents through programs and events organized by high schools and universities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The brand chooses events that promote intelligence as a way to encourage and energize the younger generation, including the English eloquence contest of the High School for Foreign Languages, the "MIG 2023: Model International Government" event organized by the History for Everyone Club (HE) of the High School for the Gifted at Hanoi National University of Education, or the annual sports festival organized exclusively for students of the ISB Institute at the University of Economics in HCMC.

ToCoToCo bubble milk tea is ready to accompany talent nurturing programs at schools nationwide. Photo courtesy of ToCoToCo

ToCoToCo bubble milk tea is ready to accompany talent nurturing programs at schools nationwide. Photo courtesy of ToCoToCo

ToCoToCo also accompanies Viet Future to provide a practical playground that encourages the development of sales thinking in teenagers.

Participating students will experience the lessons, skills, and qualities necessary to become a future entrepreneur, such as selling ToCoToCo products.

"ToCoToCo bubble milk tea cups will help students quickly reclaim joy and generate excitement in the activities," a ToCoToCo representative said.

It also provides a dynamic, creative, but also challenging and interesting working environment for young people who want to try their hand in the F&B field.

ToCoToCo is creating job opportunities for about 6,000 people, and this number will continue to increase with the expansion of the brand in the future.

Enthusiastic response to social activities

As a Vietnamese milk tea brand run and founded by Vietnamese people, ToCoToCo also attaches great importance to community support activities, spreading the humane lifestyle and the beautiful spirit of solidarity of Vietnamese people.

ToCoToCo-branded gifts have sparked joy and brought a warm Mid-Autumn atmosphere to hundreds of Vietnamese children. Photo courtesy of ToCoToCo

ToCoToCo-branded gifts have sparked joy and brought a warm Mid-Autumn atmosphere to hundreds of Vietnamese children. Photo courtesy of ToCoToCo

The brand also demonstrates social responsibility with activities like giving gifts to children in difficult circumstances at hospitals and loving homes every Mid-Autumn Festival.

While the whole country was fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021, ToCoToCo contributed a small part through activities supporting the vaccine fund and donating 5,000 cups of milk tea to medical staff and doctors in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as a way to express gratitude and give strength to the frontlines.

Along with social activities, one of ToCoToCo’s greatest prides is contributing to building a sustainable supply chain and creating output for Vietnamese agricultural products.

TocoToco has developed exclusive raw material areas, from Oolong tea grown in foggy, mountainous Moc Chau tea fields at an altitude of over 1,000 m, to Nam Dan cassava field in Nghe An.

The brand also cooperates with famous local fruit farms, such as pineapple farms in Ninh Binh, mulberry farms in Da Lat, and red-flesh dragon fruit farms in Binh Thuan, to bring fruits grown under VietGap standards into ToCoToCo’s processing system, supporting farmers and contributing to promoting Vietnamese fruit products.

ToCoToCo representatives said that they are willing to cooperate with franchise partners to deploy sustainable activities throughout the international supply chain.

"We believe that our journey to the community will receive a positive response and will spread more widely in the future with support and companionship from sponsors and investors," a ToCoToCo milk tea franchise representative said.

ToCoToCo is currently one of the fastest-growing milk tea brands that possesses the largest number of stores in the country, with more than 700 franchise stores in 56 of Vietnam’s 63 cities and provinces.

The brand aims to become the leading milk tea retail brand in Vietnam, operating 1,000 stores domestically and many stores around the world.

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