Software company spearheads industry trends, leveraging challenges for client advantage

By Thy An   May 17, 2024 | 04:00 am PT
KMS Technology, a leading software services provider in healthcare, digital finance, and enterprise software, is currently operating with over 1,000 technologists in the U.S., Vietnam, and Mexico.

Founded by technologists - consulting by entrepreneur

KMS Technology was founded and is led by a team of passionate technologists with extensive expertise in software development.

"Drawing from our firsthand experience in incubating successful software products, our leaders bring entrepreneurial practices and innovative approaches to our consulting services, which provide a more forward-thinking perspective and holistic support throughout the entire software development lifecycle for our clients," said Leo Tucker, CEO of KMS Technology.

A harmonious workplace helps nurture the companys talents by empowering them to focus on creating innovative software solutions, tackling technology problems, and fostering growth. Photo courtesy of KMS

A harmonious workplace helps nurture the company's talents by empowering them to focus on creating innovative software solutions, tackling technology problems, and fostering growth. Photo courtesy of KMS

Consistently pursuing the motto "Bright minds, brilliant solutions" across 15 years has brought KMS to today, where they have a thousand engineers mastering technologies and genuinely using that expertise to help their clients achieve their business objectives.

As a result, this leads to the trust KMS gains from their clients as one of the best technology partners that gives them the chance to achieve big wins in the market.

That competitive business advantage, however, would not be completely shaped without the harmonious workplace they have been building to nurture their talents by empowering them to focus on creating innovative software solutions, tackling technology problems, and fostering growth.

KMS has served over 20 leading BFSI institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Photo courtesy of KMS

KMS has served over 130 enterprise software companies with an annual revenue of US$20+ million. Photo courtesy of KMS

Leading software services provider in segmented industry

Serving over 130 enterprise software companies with an annual revenue of US$20+ million, KMS offers a comprehensive range of software services to enterprise clients, primarily in the United States and Canada.

This includes technology consulting, web and mobile application development, the full spectrum of activities required to build, test, and support, Salesforce implementation, integration, and custom development services.

It also provides technology due diligence services for private equity firms, with over 125 of these projects completed in the last several years.

The dedicated healthcare team at KMS has cultivated specific domain expertise and invaluable experience to make a tangible difference to over 50 healthcare technology organizations, with 100 million patient visits, by delivering transformative solutions that address the most critical needs in the healthcare industry.

The healthcare industry presents a prime opportunity for growth, driven by an increasing need for efficiency, patient-centered care, and data security.

Their expertise positions KMS to deliver high-impact solutions that address the unique challenges of healthcare providers, payers, and patients.

One of the team's key strengths lies in their extensive experience in interoperability to ensure secure data exchange between diverse healthcare systems and applications, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem.

Their commitment to data protection and security is exemplified by their achievement of HITRUST certification, which is not merely a badge of honor; but also underscores their unwavering dedication to upholding the highest data protection and security standards in all their solutions.

Bill Stevens, KMS Healthcare President, said that they help doctors make more informed decisions by providing timely treatment insights or assist scientists in developing new medicines faster through effective clinical data management and analytics.

"Knowing that the work you do every day has the potential to help someone live a longer and healthier life provides purpose," he added.

For the digital finance industry, KMS's highest purpose is to empower digital finance so that its partners and clients can deliver better financial well-being, which can make a big difference in people's lives.

The company offers specialized services to assist organizations in meeting the evolving needs of their clients in the banking, financial services, and insurance sectors.

Leveraging domain-focused expertise, digital competencies, and targeted point solutions, they have solidified a position as a premier technology services company for more than 20 leading BFSI institutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Their core services are designed to prepare businesses for transformation by establishing lean processes, optimizing efficiency, and facilitating connected operations with up-to-date solutions like Digital Platforms, Interactive Apps, Digital Lending, BNPL, Payment Gateway Integration.

"In today’s intense competition in the BFSI market, the emergence of new technologies such as AI and blockchain, increasing customer expectations, especially among tech-savvy generations, and strict industry regulations serve as inspiration to innovate KMS service offerings and enhance our services," said Duy Le, KMS BFSI President.

KMS establishes the KMS Innovation Center to stay updated on industry trends and their impact. Photo courtesy of KMS

KMS harnesses competitive market challenges for client advantages. Photo courtesy of KMS

Harnessing competitive market challenges to advantages

Software development is now considered an ever-changing industry with the constant emergence of new technologies, intense competition for highly skilled technologists, rising customer expectations, and stringent industry regulations.

KMS uses these challenges to their advantage by providing incredible opportunities for their people to learn new and exciting technologies while working on innovative client applications and service offerings.

This has helped enhance their unique value propositions to differentiate them from competitive rivals, leading to long-term success and growth.

Alongside, it is also working to keep themselves ahead of the curve with the recent establishment of the KMS Innovation Center, which serves as a catalyst for discussions, research, and initiatives among the entire workforce.

Its mission is to keep everybody, especially the management team, up-to-date about significant industry trends and how those would influence KMS in both positive and negative ways.

In addition, Generative AI is increasingly being utilized to address real challenges in segmented industries, incorporating it into their development processes for early adopter clients.

"By equipping, empowering, and supporting our exceptional talents, we always spearhead the relevant industry trends by leveraging advanced technology and delivery excellence to help our clients secure leading positions in their respective business markets," said Dai Tran, the KMS Managing Director.

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