Should I quit my stable job?

By Hoai   November 25, 2022 | 03:13 am PT
I am a nurse in a government hospital, earning VND5 million ($201), with two weekends off every month.

Both my husband and I are from Nghe An, and we relocated to Dong Nai to settle. Our parents and other family members remain in Nghe An. My husband is 36 years old, and I am 32. We have two children, one in second grade and one in first grade next year. My husband has a 24-hour on/24-hour off or 48-hour on/48-hour off schedule as a driver. He takes care of all the housework on his days off. His pay is VND15 million per month.

Before I directly took care of patients, and my monthly income was VND8 million. However, I got infected three times during Covid and my health got worse. I was assigned to do administrative tasks. Lacking computer skills, my work became slow and inefficient. I frankly told my boss the problem and he told me to gain more computer skills to keep up with the workload.

I work in the dispatch department, and although some days are incredibly hectic and I don't have time for lunch, other days I have a lot of spare time. I also have a part-time job selling bus, train, and ai tickets. I typically make between VND10-15 million every month, but during the summer and Tet (Lunar New Year Festival) seasons, I can make between VND30 and 40 million.

Because I work both my major job and side job, I frequently make blunders. Every month, I frequently spend a VND3 million for tickets that I am required to pay for due to mistakes. After Tet in January, I'm considering leaving my main job to devote more time to selling tickets and offering better customer service.

I discussed with my husband the possibility of opening a flower shop or a clothing store in addition to selling tickets if I left my main job. He disagreed, saying my government job is stable while the ticket selling job is not, especially in times like Covid, which leaves no income for household expenses.

VND10 million every month from my husband's paycheck is used to pay off bank loans. Depending on the month, my family spends between VND12-18 million.

I partially quit my job to have time to tutor my children. My husband only finished seventh grade, so he is not knowledgeable enough to teach our older child. If I quit my main job, I will have more time to do housework and tutor my child. I ask my siblings about this, but they don't agree either, since in my hometown people think that working a government job is stable while selling tickets is quite precarious.

My friends who also sell tickets tell me I should quit my job since the salary from my main job is too low - only VND5 million.

I am very confused and look forward to hearing your advice.

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