Should I invest in the stock market after a 50% account value loss?

By Hoang Nam   November 22, 2022 | 08:05 pm PT
I joined the stock market at the end of last year and stopped after a few months after more than a 50% stock account loss. Should I reinvest now?

Stock investing is not my strength. Late last year, when the market was booming, like other first-time investors, I was intrigued by the profit potential of this investment channel.

My account once turned a double-digit profit after entering the market at the end of November thanks to some speculative stocks and real estate ones. But the market crash at the beginning of this year and the ensuing downward trend in early April wrecked everything.

I made money from my account before suffering a loss. Before I decided to leave the market, I lost more than half of my initial investment.

But now my former brokers and friends are advising me to start investing in stocks again.

They said that because of the recent significant decline in the market and the long-term low prices of many stocks, now is a good time to buy. I also want to recover what was lost.

After withdrawing the money from the stock exchange, I only deposited it in the bank to earn interest, plus my work has progressed in the past few months, so my account balance is only 30% lower than when I entered the market at the end of last year.

When would be the ideal time to reenter the stock market, in your opinion? Should we be "greedy when everyone is scared"?

I hope to get advice from you, readers.

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