Successful people would want to leave inheritance to their children

July 9, 2024 | 03:24 pm PT
Successful people would want to leave inheritance to their children
Inheriting properties and assets from parents can help children achieve success quicker. Illustration photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
My friends’ children received inheritance from their parents and they all had a much easier time achieving success.

As parents, everyone wants to provide the best for their children, so it is natural to want to leave assets for them. Children are more likely to succeed in life if they have a family that can provide stable finances, good education and a favorable environment. This has been proven true across societies. Therefore, anyone who says they do not need inheritance is either misguided or from a family that could not afford such an advantage.

Most of my friends' children have inherited some wealth from their parents. They have found success and settled into comfortable and fulfilling lives far quicker than those who started with nothing.

For example, one of my friends own a construction material business and has two children. Despite living in a well-off family, from a young age, seeing their parents work hard and strive daily, the children developed motivation to work and study hard. One of them earned a scholarship to study abroad upon completing high school.

Both children pursued further education abroad and settled there, working for large companies while pursuing higher degrees. After graduating, many firms eagerly provided them with attractive offers, but both returned to their homeland to help out their parents' business with their work experience, livelihood, and solid relationships.

Over 10 years ago, when I saw these children return to Vietnam with master's degrees to work as employees in their family's small company, I was puzzled. I asked my friend why they assigned their children such low positions and they replied: "Starting from the bottom up teaches them practical knowledge, the value of labor, and helps them understand the enterprise's value."

The children themselves are comfortable with their positions. They never stop striving to grow the family business, maintaining a positive image for the family. Above all, they never neglect their family, spouse, or children. Unlike many who believe business requires sacrificing time for your family and constant drinking, they never engaged in excessive drinking and were very selective of what they spent their time on.

Now, all your children have assumed high positions in the company, owning assets totaling tens of millions of dollar, and are capable of running the company in their parents’ places. Meanwhile, my friends can now enjoy a comfortable retirement. Despite all their success, the children remain humble and modest, although sometimes they complain that being an heir is quite challenging.

Today's youth are knowledgeable and able to learn the best practices from developed countries, so most know how to find work-life balance and make good use of the assets passed down by their parents.

So what are your thoughts on this matter?

Reader Nguyen Huong VT

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