Parents give less inheritance to siblings with better upbringing

May 12, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
Parents give less inheritance to siblings with better upbringing
Agricultural land in Hanoi's Me Linh District. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh
My neighbor received less inheritance than his siblings because he was the only one in the family who had the opportunity to attend school while growing up.

He was part of a large family with many children. Among his siblings, my neighbor was the only one fortunate enough to receive an education and even attend a prestigious university in Hanoi.

Several years ago, when his parents were still lucid, they organized a family meeting to divide and pass down their land to their children. Surprisingly, they told him: "You have always received more opportunities than any of your siblings. Therefore, even if you are facing financial difficulties now, we will not give you as much land. You should work hard to create your own wealth and career."

Even more surprisingly, he happily accepted this decision.

Many people in my neighborhood know about and remember this story as we are a very tight-knit community. Over the years, my neighbor has started his own family and built a successful career. Compared to his siblings, he has the best life and career.

He slowly became sort of a hero for my rural village. People admired him for not relying on inheritance and achieving a flourishing career. Many kids from my hometown look up to him and try to study hard to follow in his footsteps.

My hometown is not an industrial or tourist area as its economy mainly relies on agriculture. Nonetheless, our rural village is not poor, especially in terms of culture, as we have a very civilized way of life.

This is mainly thanks to the high level of education that many of us strive to achieve. Every family in the area prioritizes education for their children.

Donating, turning down or receiving less inheritance has become the motto for young people in my rural area. These individuals have and will continue to contribute to making my hometown more prosperous and civilized.

Don’t you think it is nobler to amass your own wealth rather than accept your parents’ hand-me-down?

Reader Anh Pham

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