IT jobs often fall off after 35 years old

April 14, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
IT jobs often fall off after 35 years old
IT jobs are often believed to fall off after 35 years old. Illustration photo by Pexels
Information technology education in Vietnam tends to focus on breadth rather than depth, so few people can or choose to stay in the field after turning 35.

Recently, I came across a reader's account sharing an interesting perspective. According to this person, IT engineers make thousands of dollars a month and can afford expensive houses and cars because very few people can stay in their positions or find similar ones after they reach the age of 35.

However, I find this assertion about the IT profession falling off after 35 to be inaccurate.

The essence of the IT field revolves around continuous learning. With a commitment to learning, one can excel in the industry well into their retirement years. The critical aspect here is the quality and depth of one's learning.

I can personally attest to the importance of fundamental knowledge acquired during university studies. Thanks to my solid foundation in linear algebra and statistics and probability, learning machine learning and artificial intelligence is relatively easy for me, while many others struggle because they lack the basic knowledge.

Yet, there remains a significant gap between theoretical education and practical skills in Vietnam as IT education there tends to focus on breadth rather than depth.

Hence, I have interviewed some candidates with a decade of experience who lack fundamental IT knowledge. Similarly, many boast impressive resumes filled with proficiency in numerous programming languages and tools. However, when it comes to understanding the underlying principles, they fall short.

This gap presents a challenge when it comes to staying updated with the latest knowledge and trends. This is especially true for those employed in outsourcing companies. Often, they must quickly grasp the necessary knowledge and skills for a project, only to move on without delving deeper into the subject matter.

This is why Vietnam has very few IT specialists.

I have been in the industry for many years after turning 35 and have continued to pursue my IT career as I settle in the U.S. I am confident in my ability to stay relevant and thrive in the field until retirement age. Currently, I am doing fine despite tech companies facing a layoff wave here.

So, do you think IT jobs truly lose their allure after the age of 35?

Reader K Nguyen

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