Masterise Homes launches privileged insurance package

By Thao Mien   October 21, 2021 | 04:30 am PT
Masterise Homes recently announced its strategic partnership with Techcombank in the program 'For the Ultimate Peace of Mind' with Manulife Privilege Insurance Package, bringing customers differentiated and privileged value.

According to the recent "Manulife Asia Care Survey" that polled 4,000 people across eight markets in Asia, health and finance are two of the top concerns amid the pandemic. In Vietnam, 100 percent of respondents have taken personal action to improve their overall health in response to Covid-19.

The survey also indicated that in Vietnam, 9 out of 10 respondents said they intended to buy insurance in the next six months, much higher than the average 71 percent across Asia.

Anticipating the needs of customers, Masterise Homes and Techcombank collaborated to present "For the Ultimate Peace of Mind" - its pioneering privileged customer appreciation program. Privilege Insurance encompasses multiple values that provide customers not only with protection and peace of mind during this uncertain time but also a valuable investment in health, finance as well as the future of their family and assets.

The program is available for any customer who made a successful purchase of seven projects developed by Masterise Homes. The insurance contract value equals 0.8 percent that of the property value in the first year with coverage of up to 70 times the annual fee to sufficiently protect your family and assets.

Masterise Homes has recently announced the strategic partnership with Techcombank in the program For the Ultimate Peace of Mind

Masterise Homes and Techcombank have collaboratively initiated 'For the Ultimate Peace of Mind'. Photo by Masterise Homes

Privilege Insurance is composed of ultimate benefits for customers of Masterise Homes, demonstrating a genuine commitment to uplifting living standards in Vietnam. Ultimate Peace of Mind tailors values and benefits based on each customer’s needs and asset management plans, not only limited to the benefits of life insurance but also extending into healthcare, investment-linked insurance.

Jason Turnbull, deputy managing director cum CFO of Masterise Homes, shared: "Ultimate Peace of Mind has gone beyond a customer appreciation program to become a sustainable solution of Masterise Homes that meets customer needs in this time of uncertainty and the future. At the same time, the program realizes our commitment to constantly deliver ultimate experiences for customers, elevate luxury living and transform the nation for future generations."

Project Grand Maria Saigon. Photo by: Masterise Homes

Project Grand Maria Saigon. Photo by: Masterise Homes

More information about the program can be found at

Masterise Homes, a member of Masterise Group, is a pioneer in bringing world-class excellence to the development, operations, and management of luxury real estate products and services, in the Vietnamese market and beyond. Masterise Homes demonstrates world-class capabilities via a strategic partnership with Marriott International, the largest hotel brand in the world operating the iconic brands of Marriott, JW Marriott and The Ritz-Carlton.

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