Masan Group honored among Vietnam's top 50 sustainable enterprises in 2023

By Thy An   June 30, 2023 | 09:00 pm PT
Masan Group achieved two categories in the Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Awards (CSA) for its ESG performance.

At the awards held on June 29 by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine, Masan Group was honored with prestigious recognition for two categories: sustainable resource management and outstanding risk management platform.

Masan Group, along with its subsidiary companies, holds a prominent position as a multi-industry corporation, spearheading sectors that include retail, FMCG, chilled meat and branded processed meats, F&B chains, financial services, telecommunications, and high-tech industrial materials.

Masan Groups representative and other nominees at CSA on June 29. Photo courtesy of Masan Group.

Masan Group's representative and other nominees at CSA on June 29, 2023. Photo courtesy of Masan

Recognizing its role and responsibility to the community and society, Masan remains dedicated to continually raising the bar for sustainable development standards.

In line with this, the retail sector comprises a network of over 3,500 supermarkets, including WinMart and WinMart+ stores.

This effectively serves as a bridge, fostering collaborations between domestic manufacturers and businesses to offer a wider array of high-quality products that align with the Vietnamese people's preference for locally made goods.

Moreover, this supermarket chain actively contributes to environmental preservation efforts by promoting the adoption of biodegradable bags as a substitute for plastic usage. They also strive to minimize or replace single-use plastic materials with eco-friendly alternatives.

Furthermore, the implementation of customer incentive programs encourages the habit of reusable bag usage, promoting greener consumption practices during shopping activities.

Masan consistently introduces innovative products in the consumer goods and branded meat sectors, ensuring they adhere to stringent hygiene, safety, and health standards.

The MEATDeli meat processing complexes are accredited with the BRC - Global Standard for Food Safety, which holds significant international value within the food industry and serves as a crucial document for food exporters.

Additionally, Masan Consumer's consumer goods processing plants have made investments in constructing state-of-the-art wastewater treatment systems in collaboration with a Dutch partner. These advanced systems are implemented across their factories nationwide.

The quality testing of all discharged wastewater consistently meets the highest standard in Vietnam, classified as Class A.

Another member of the group, Masan High-Tech Materials, has been actively involved in reforestation efforts since 2016 by planting trees on previously barren land after mining activities.

To date, the company has greened approximately 58 hectares throughout its operational area.

In addition to prioritizing environmental protection initiatives, Masan Group and its subsidiary companies are committed to implementing corporate social responsibility programs.

As one of the leading contributors to local tax revenues, the group operates factories and production facilities that generate employment opportunities and improve the livelihoods of local communities.

Across the country, Masan actively engages in various social security activities.

These include supporting individuals affected by storms and floods in Nghe An, assisting soldiers in safeguarding Vietnam's borders, seas, and islands through the "For the National Sea and Islands - For the Fatherland Frontline" fund, and aiding impoverished households.

The WinEco hi-tech farms provide clean fruits and vegetables to consumers through the WinMart and Winmart+ systems. Photo courtesy of Masan

The WinEco hi-tech farms provide clean fruits and vegetables to consumers through the WinMart and Winmart+ systems. Photo courtesy of Masan

Masan's integration of ESG principles into its strategic plan enhances its risk management practices. The emphasis on the G (Governance) factor is particularly valuable as it ensures the objective evaluation of governance processes and maintains independence in internal controls.

The company consistently updates its set of corporate governance regulations to safeguard shareholder interests and establish operational standards for the Board of Directors and Management Board.

By doing so, Masan guarantees objectivity in decision-making processes.

Masan places great emphasis on social development, environmental protection, and corporate governance as key pillars alongside its business activities.

In recent times, Masan has consistently gained recognition in esteemed rankings. It has been listed among the Top 50 best-performing companies in Vietnam for the year 2023 by Forbes Vietnam.

Additionally, Masan has secured a position in the top 10 prestigious public companies published by Vietnam Report in 2023.

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