Hawaii resort-style apartments official preview is on 24 July

July 22, 2016 | 08:00 pm PT
Kusto Home has built an ideal island for family with high living standard, green and peaceful environment.


Children's playground with family oriented and fresh-air spaces are valuable in Ho Chi Minh City and Diamond Island phase 2 will bring resort-style and cozy surroundings with Hawaii tower, which will be officially introduced on July 24, 2016.

As the first building of phase 2, Hawaii is a 25-story tower with a total of 177 luxury apartments and offers a variety of sizes between 55 to 450 square meters for customer’s choice. The special offer selling price of Hawaii tower is at VND2.2 billion (nearly $99,000).

Diamond Island Phase 2 - developed by Kusto Home - includes five towers named after five most beautiful islands in the world: Hawaii, Bora Bora, Maldives, Bahamas and Canary. This naming supports the message from Kusto Home about their wish to turn Diamond Island into an ideal island for family, especially kids.


Overview of Diamond Island phase 2.

The new image of Diamond Island

People who care about health are looking for a project allowing them to enjoy their life in accordance with a higher standard of living, especially when the level of environmental and noise pollution in HCM city have been quickly reaching the worst level in the world, according to the research of Yale University and Columbia University in 2012.

Mr. Murat Utemisov, Chairman of Kusto Home, said: "From my personal perspective, besides exclusive location and luxurious design, the factor that decides the level of a real estate project is the building density, green space followed with high quality facilities".

Diamond Island doesn’t only possess an exclusive location as the only island in the center of District 2 with all three waterfront views but it also embraces important factors of a luxury river-side apartment, a unique project in HCM City.

Family is the core of Vietnamese cultural values, especially when it comes to the future of their children, Kusto Home pledges to create an ideal living space for all three generations: grandparents, parents and children with customized facilities for family.


Resort-style interior design of Hawaii tower.

Diamond Island - the ideal island for every family

Diamond Island is the only private island in HCM city, possessing an exclusive advantage over other luxury apartment projects in Vietnam. Residents spends 15 minutes to travel by either car or water taxi to the center of the city.

Diamond Island is proud to be the only luxury apartment project that has a precious green living environment in Vietnam as bordered by Giong Ong To and Sai Gon River with totally natural green trees, along with building density below 13.5 percent.

The island also has a collection of perfect amenities for the whole family. International standard swimming pools’ area is up to 2.300 square meters, including resort-style swimming pool and 50m-long sports pool. Children can play in many places such as Pirate ship Water Park, Outdoor Library, Musical and Art Academy, Astronomy Castle. Water Taxi and Marina are exclusive for residents to go downtown. And entertainment places are available everywhere, including  River-side Park, BBQ Garden, Infinity Pool, Zen garden, Spa, Mini Golf, tennis courts, Sport-Complex.


Private ship Water Park.

Together with the green density of the whole island, the design of Diamond Island apartment is similar with a mini resort villa, 100 percent of the apartments have natural light with big units owning "double views living room". As a whole, 80 percent of Hawaii tower apartments enjoy river views, the other 20 percent occupied by garden and pool views. With a variety of sized apartments, from 50 to 450 square meters, Diamond Island is a suitable choice for  any families of all sizes.

More details about Diamond Island, please contact: 
Hotline: 090 999 5665
Website: canhohawaii.daokimcuong.com.vn

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