Hanoi bourse sells $1.51 billion of government bonds in March

By Toan Dao, Ha Phuong   April 4, 2016 | 02:49 am PT
The Hanoi Stock Exchange, better known as the HNX, sold VND34.3 trillion ($1.51 billion) worth of government bonds issued by the State Treasury of Vietnam in 15 auctions in March, up 21.2 percent from February, a government statement showed Monday.

Details of coupon rates for government bonds in March:


Compared with February, the coupon rate of three-year bonds in March fell by about 0.2 percent per year while that of five-year bonds fell by 0.22 percent. The coupon rate of the remaining 15-year, 20-year and 30-year bonds in March remained unchanged from the second month of the year.

The total volume of government bonds sold by the outright method on the secondary market in March reached 713 million worth VND74.10 trillion, surging 43.6 percent in value from February.

Trading volume through repurchase agreements in March stood at more than 582 million bonds worth over VND56 trillion, jumping 121 percent in comparison with February.
Foreign investors bought more than VND4.9 trillion worth of bonds in the month and sold more than VND2.8 trillion of them under the outright method.
Sales transactions by foreigners under the repos method were VND201 billion in value, while no buying transactions were recorded.

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