ITAP 2022 highlights solutions to expedite Vietnam manufacturing ecosystem

By May Pham   August 15, 2022 | 11:00 pm PT
The Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP 2022) focuses on digitalization, connection, workforce development, and environmental sustainability.

Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific 2022 (ITAP 2022) Roadshow - "Voice of the Markets in Vietnam" took place recently at Binh Duong Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC), gathering representatives from several countries via the online platform.

As a prerequisite event for ITAP 2022, the forum "Voice of the Markets" with the theme "Promoting Vietnam's Manufacturing Ecosystem with Industry 4.0 solutions" highlighted the development of Industry 4.0 in Vietnam and its importance in promoting the regional manufacturing ecosystem.

Experts from Hanoi, provinces across the country and many online representatives from abroad attend ITAP 2022 Roadshow - Voice of the Markets in Vietnam. Photo by ITAP

Experts from Hanoi, provinces across the country and many online representatives from abroad attend the ITAP 2022 Roadshow - Voice of the Markets in Vietnam. Photo by ITAP

Key to post-pandemic recovery

"ITAP 2022 focuses on digitalization, connection and workforce development, and environmental sustainability," Huynh Dinh Thai Linh, CEO of World Trade Center Binh Duong New City (WTC BDNC), shared at the ITAP Roadshow.

The digital aspect is seen as the flexible application of innovative tools, data analysis, and building integrated technology systems, effectively managing data sources, improving productivity at lower cost, and optimizing operation management.

The aspect of connecting and developing human resources is considered as raising the level of human resources to adapt and keep up with the organizational structure for innovation.

Finally, businesses aim to build a green economy - reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the environment, in order to maintain sustainable business development.

The event was an opportunity to explore the latest technology platforms, and 4.0 solutions to meet the needs of businesses. Guests had access to online exhibition booths, experienced innovative products, and solutions in areas like industrial automation, additive production, smart factories, and smart transport.

Panel discussion at the event.  Photo by ITAP

Panel discussion at ITAP 2022. Photo by ITAP

"There are more than 18,000 participants in ITAP 2022, with delegates from more than 70 countries and territories. Vietnam is in the top 5 connecting with many entrepreneurs and businessmen from many countries. The topic of business digitization, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are three important areas in the digital society that are of primary concern to us," said Darren Seah, business director of Constellar.

Digital ecosystem

"In order to enter the 4.0 revolution, virtual reality, AI, and IoT technology are essentially a combination of information technology and operational technology, bringing computations closest to business operations, creating new big change," Pham Tuan Anh, director of Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center, Becamex IDC, said.

He noted each country would have its own strategy to capture competitive advantages in the new period, abandon old methods, improve new methods, increase labor productivity, and up product value.

Connecting via an online meeting platform, a representative of Singapore Polytechnic International talked of how digital transformation can help manufacturers improve the employee experience and attract talent.

"Employees on the factory floor have seen significant changes in recent years in the tools they are given to do their jobs. Crucially, digital devices not only make manufacturing work cleaner and safer, but are also more data-driven, with informed employees combined with their expertise and experience. We wanted to discuss how manufacturers can help former employees transition smoothly as the process changes and attract new talent," said Toh Ser Khoon, managing director of Singapore Polytechnic International.

Regarding digital transformation in the new period, Pham said: "We put people at the center, creating an ecosystem where investors must look for workers, workers must have jobs and a place to live. We have developed the Becamex model in dozens of provinces and cities nationwide, providing millions of job positions to those with low qualifications. But looking at the picture of having to move to an autonomous system, the labor settlement will no longer have an advantage. Therefore, we determine that many workers will then move to the service sector serving industry. We are focusing on training people so that workers can upgrade their qualifications to meet new requirements."

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