US absolves Vietnamese tire exporters of dumping

By Dat Nguyen   January 7, 2021 | 09:30 pm PT
US absolves Vietnamese tire exporters of dumping
A mechanic examines a car tire. Photo by Shutterstock/Fusionstudio.
The U.S. has made a preliminary determination that most Vietnamese tire exporters did not dump products in the U.S. and not subjected them to anti-dumping duties.

Six producers and exporters of passenger vehicle tires from Vietnam, who account for over 95 percent of Vietnamese tire exports to the U.S., were found to not dump following an investigation by the Department of Commerce that began last June.

But some other companies were hit with a 22.3 percent anti-dumping duty, with the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam saying it was because they did not fully cooperate with U.S. authorities.

The U.S. has imposed duties of 13.25-98.44 percent on South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. A final determination will be issued on May 14.

The U.S. imported nearly $4 billion worth of tires from the four in 2019, with Vietnam accounting for $469.64 million.

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