How advertising influences media campaigns

By Thy An   July 3, 2024 | 03:30 am PT
According to media experts, advertising is one of the key factors in determining whether a brand communication campaign is successful or not.

Effective advertising not only attracts target audience but can also motivate consumers to take action. This will help the business achieve its marketing goals.

Here are four criteria for effective advertising, according to experts.

First, the ability to reach users accurately.

Advertising content can accurately reach target audience, effectively convey brand message, and enhance brand awareness.

Second, displaying content at a high frequency.

Through repeated exposure, advertising can enhance consumers' recall and awareness of a brand, thereby improving conversion rates.

Third, creativity.

Creativity and eye-catching designs can attract viewers' attention in a short period of time and make a deep impression on them.

Fourth, using clear messages.

An effective advertisement should clearly convey the messages that the brand wants users to receive in order to turn it into information searches or purchase actions.

Accordingly, choosing an advertising location is very important.

"Even when advertising comes with promotions or discounts, businesses should consider putting their brand image there if it is not appropriate," said Vu Trung Hiep, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Marketing & Communications Club.

Advertising screens placed in high-end buildings. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

Advertising screens placed in high-end buildings. Photo courtesy of Chicilon Media

In addition, the effectiveness of advertising directly affects the ROI of a business.

Effective advertising can lead to positive market reactions and significant sales growth.

Meanwhile, ineffective advertising will cause businesses to waste resources and even negatively affects their brand image.

Vu Khanh Toan, senior strategic advisor to Kobler Vietnam, cited factors that are believed to ensure the effectiveness of advertising through channel selection.

First, platform coverage and market share.

It is advised to choose a platform with a high market share and wide coverage, ensuring that advertising can reach many target groups.

For example, in the elevator advertising industry, Chicilon Media occupies more than 92% of the market share according to their exploitation standards, owning a wide-coverage network with 37,000 screens, and the ability to reach up to 40 million key consumers daily.

Second, the display frequency and position of the ad.

Figuring out the display frequency and location of ads on the platform can ensure ads are displayed in key locations and during prime-time frames, optimizing advertising effectiveness.

Third, reviews from customers and analyses of typical case studies.

It’s important to refer to reviews from other customers as well as successful case studies to understand the reputation and actual effectiveness of the platform, and to ensure the chosen advertising platform really helps the business achieve its marketing goals.

Finally, platform technology and data support.

Choosing a platform that provides accurate distribution, data analysis, and performance tracking capabilities can help businesses optimize advertising campaigns and increase conversion rates.

With many achievements in the market and highly competitive advantages, Chicilon Media promises to provide customers with compatible market value and advertising effectiveness.

"By focusing on advertising effectiveness, companies can stand out more in the fierce competition in the market and achieve long-term brand development and growth," said a Chicilon Media representative.

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