First Japanese apartments in Phu My Hung launched

By Yen Nhi   February 20, 2017 | 05:00 pm PT
The Grande apartments at Phu My Hung Midtown complex in Ho Chi Minh City will be up for sale on February 25.

Prestigious real estate developer Phu My Hung plans to launch its new apartments, developed in cooperation with three leading Japanese partners, in Ho Chi Minh City in the coming weeks.

The Grande is built over 5,540 square meters. The 26-floor building, with two basements, has 309 apartments and 13 shops. There are options for apartments ranging from 69 and 249 square meters with one to four bedrooms. Two-bedroom apartments account for 62 percent of all the units.

The Grande, the first apartment building at Phu My Hung Midtown complex, will be launched in the first quarter of 2017.

The Grande, the first apartment building at Phu My Hung Midtown complex, will be launched on February 25.

Customers will have 28 months to pay for half of the prices, the investors said. They will pay another 45 percent when receiving the apartment and the remaining 5 percent when receiving the ownership certificate.

The project is guaranteed by Vietcombank’s South Saigon Branch and Vietnam International Bank, which also work with the investors to provide interest rate support for customers seeking bank loans.

Midtown, a complex of condos, office and retail space and amusement centers, is Phu My Hung’s biggest investment the past three years, with many high-end facilities, some of which have never appeared at any Phu My Hung projects.

Phu My Hung Midtown hopes to bring a new concept about living space, which should be a perfect combination of facilities instead of an individual house.

The complex is the first one built with cooperation from three leading Japanese property developers – Daiwa House Group, Nomura Real Estate Group and Sumitomo Forestry Group, which together account for 50 percent of the property market in Japan.

A Phu My Hung executive said Japan is a country with good infrastructure and great experience in infrastructure development, especially for complex and high-rise buildings.

“Our meaningful cooperation with strong, experienced partners will help achieve desired goals and quality in our construction projects,” he said.

The complex is designed as a multi-facility zone at different levels, allowing its residents to access all kinds of services from inside to outside the house without having to go far.

Golf simulation studio inside The Grande.

Golf simulation studio inside The Grande.

The Grande, for example, is designed with many exclusive services for its residents such as swimming pools, BBQ areas, gardens, yoga courts, golf simulation studio and libraries.

All the facilities are built based on careful research of the habits and interests of residents, making sure all members of a family can find some activities that suit them.

The residents will also be able to enjoy the value of Sakura Park, which stands across the apartments with riverside views of beautiful trees and flowers.

There are other facilities such as a sports complex, a recreational area for children with sections for different ages, a flower square, a water fountain and a pavilion. The project is entirely protected with a security system that will guarantee the privacy of all residents.

Sakura Park runs 602 meters along the Ca Cam River. It covers 11,722 square meters, with construction on 6,414 square meters or 54.7 percent of the area, and natural plants on 5,308 square meters (45.3 percent). The park comprises three parts – the main square, a kids playground and a sports area.

Facilities around the complex, including a cherry blossom park, represent a new style in Phu My Hungs quality housing development.

Facilities around the complex, including a cherry blossom park, represent a new style in Phu My Hung’s quality housing development.

The recreational area for children and two gardens nearby allow residents to relax while watching their children. Sakura Plaza, a square at the center of the park, carries the shape of a cherry blossom. The square features a fountain with beautiful jets at different heights, dotted by colorful flowers.

Besides the sports complex and the mini football court, the sports area of the park also gives families some space if they want to have a picnic day and enjoy the fresh air.

The park also has parking space for more than 150 cars, which is conveniently connected to other parts in Midtown.

Phu My Hung Midtown complex with the impressive Sakura Park promises to be a must-visit place for Saigon residents in the future. Here we have a lot of green space, natural harmony and many interesting activities for sports, dining and entertainment,” the investor said.

The first phase of Sakura Park will complete in 2019, around the same time with the first apartment building of the complex, The Grande.

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