Vietnamese spend $3.8M daily on online food orders

By Quynh Trang   February 13, 2024 | 09:26 pm PT
Vietnamese spend $3.8M daily on online food orders
A delivery man hands over food ordered by a female customer in Hanoi, March 2019. Photo by Shutterstock/StreetVJ
Online food orders in Vietnam were worth a total of VND35 trillion (US$1.4 billion) last year, or $3.8 million a day, a 30% increase from the previous year.

The increase in the value of orders through food delivery applications such as Grab and Shopee Food was higher than in other Southeast Asian countries, according to a report recently published by Singapore-based research firm Momentum Works.

But Vietnam’s gross merchandise value (GMV) of $1.4 billion was lower than the $2.4 billion in Malaysia, $2.5 billion in the Philippines and Singapore, and $3.7 billion in Thailand.

Momentum Works’ GMV statistics include all orders sent to restaurants through apps, including canceled orders and refunds.

Grab and Shopee Food dominated the market in Vietnam with shares of 47% and 45%. The remaining 8% went to BaeMin, which quit the country at the end of 2023, and GoJek.

Grab also dominated several other markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia.

It led the Southeast Asian food delivery market with a total GMV of $9.4 billion, far ahead of other competitors such as Foodpanda ($2.7 billion), Gojek ($1.8 billion), Shopee Food ($1.5 billion), and Lineman ($1.3 billion).

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